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ARTOTELGroup Officially Introduces Nusantara Delights

ARTOTELGroup has proudly unveiled its latest F&B signature menu program, themed Nusantara Delights. This menu, inspired by a diverse range of Indonesian spices and ingredients, is now available across all ARTOTEL-branded hotels, starting from August 7, 2023.

Nusantara Delights presents a selection of food and beverage creations by Corporate Executive Chef of ARTOTELGroup, Rendiputra Pratama Saroengallo, and Corporate Restaurant & Bar Manager, Novianto Benito. Embracing a fusion concept, the foundational elements used to craft these dishes and beverages are authentic Indonesian spices and herbs, presented in a modern context. The menu boasts 3 signature dishes and 2 signature drinks, including:

Kemangi Fried Rice: A delightful fried rice dish infused with basil leaves, offering a distinct aroma. Served with sunny-side-up eggs and traditional crispy krupuk.

Salmon Woku: A tantalizing salmon dish accompanied by buttered rice, adorned with corn and green beans, all served with an authentic Manado Woku sauce. It comes complete with sambal dabu-dabu for an added burst of flavor.

Beef Rib Laksa: An inviting laksa featuring a rich coconut-milk-based broth infused with Indonesian spices and beef. Served with short beef ribs, boiled eggs, fried tofu, rice vermicelli, and long beans.

Kesuna Cekuh: A unique beverage concocted from infused rum, kalamansi, soursop, and a sprinkle of bird's eye chili powder on top.

Jaka Nungkha: A sweet beverage made from a blend of bayleaf-infused gin, tio pepe sherry, mashed jackfruit, green truffle oil, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, and coconut water.

Rendiputra Pratama Saroengallo, Corporate Executive Chef of ARTOTELGroup, expressed, "As a testament to our pride in Indonesia's culinary richness, we aim to embody these values in the dishes we serve at our restaurants. We've endeavored to create a novel menu concept – Indonesian cuisine presented in a fusion and modern style, yet maintaining its distinct Indonesian essence. We want to ensure the culinary identity of Indonesia remains intact."

Novianto Benito, Corporate Restaurant & Bar Manager of ARTOTELGroup, added, "Ultimately, through the Nusantara Delights menu, particularly with the addition of our new cocktails, we offer a fresh way to savor Indonesian flavors. We hope our signature menu is well-received and becomes a favorite among our guests."

Nusantara Delights can be savored at all F&B outlets within ARTOTEL-branded hotels. For more information, please visit or follow them on Instagram @artotelgroup.

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