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Let’s Meat Up Buffet: Dinner Delights at Hilton Bandung

Hilton Bandung

This May, we visited Hilton Bandung whose extends a warm invitation to guests for a unique blend of culinary buffet. Our dinner journey started at Purnawarman with the Let’s Meat Up buffet dinner, where an exquisite selection of meats awaits. 

Curated by Executive Chef Andry Stefanus, the menu offers a delectable array of beef, lamb, chicken, duck, and seafood, alongside signature dim sum, sushi, and a lavish dessert station.

Among the standout offerings, our personal favorites include:

Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce

Hilton Bandung

This dish is a standout, featuring perfectly roasted duck glazed with a rich hoisin sauce that balances sweetness and savoriness, creating an unforgettable flavor experience.

Smoked Brisket with BBQ Sauce

Hilton Bandung

The smoked brisket, tender and juicy, is enhanced with a smoky BBQ sauce, offering a perfect combination that melts in your mouth!

Sushi Selection

Hilton Bandung

Nigiri, maki rolls, and gunkan took a personal space in our heart. Each piece is crafted with precision, presenting fresh and vibrant flavors that sushi lovers will appreciate~

Fresh Seafood

Hilton Bandung

Dive into an array of fresh seafood including clams, oysters, shrimp, and lobster, our favorite sauce was a refreshing Thai mango sauce with a sprinkle squeezed lemon, enhancing the natural sweetness of the seafood.

Korean Fishcake

Hilton Bandung

This delicacy brings the authentic taste of Korea with its slightly chewy texture and seasoned flavor, paired with anchovy broth making it a delightful addition to the buffet.

Ice Cream Selection

Hilton Bandung

We end our meal on a high note with a selection of creamy gelato, available in multiple flavors; Lychee Rose, Coffee Almond Fudge, Banana Strawberries, Premium Chocolate, and Green Tea, providing a refreshing and indulgent finale to the dining experience.

Hilton Bandung

Hilton Bandung’s Let’s Meat Up buffet dinner at Purnawarman is not just a meal but a culinary journey that promises to delight every palate. This buffet is a haven for food enthusiasts, available for IDR 329,000++ per adult and IDR 164,500++ per child aged 6-12, on May 11, 25, and June 8, 22, 2024, from 6 pm to 10 pm. Whether you’re a fan of exquisite meats, fresh seafood, or delightful desserts, this buffet offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit event this May!

Hilton Bandung
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.41-43
P: (022) 86066888