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Newsletter: Thanksgiving Deals and Where to Watch World Cup 2022 LIVE

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Thanksgiving is a celebration for feasting. Whether you're looking to get pampered at the city's fanciest restaurant or indulge in perfectly cooked turkey via takeaway, we've got you! Here we give you the list of the best places to have Thanksgiving feast and events with great deals in Jakarta.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fever is officially here! It's time to grab your pint glass and cheer on your team! So don't drop the ball! Check out our list below of our favorite official venues for viewing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Jakarta and Bandung.

Sports bars will get their vibe on the minute any sports seasons start to heat up. So, it’s great to find a good spot for watching a game, a thrilling race, or a battle of champions. Check out these top picks of the best places to watch sports games in Jakarta and Bali.

Everybody loves to drink but if there’s anything we love, even more, is drinking during happy hours! Check out this list of the best happy hour deals to wind down in Jakarta.

Rejoice for all Italian food connoisseurs in Jakarta! Ambiente Ristorante, has been given a modern remake. This legendary Italian restaurant has a 20-year tradition of serving high-quality Italian food on the mezzanine floor of Aryaduta Menteng. Check our full review of Ambiente Ristorante here.

For quick news, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) started selling entry tickets online on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. This tourist destination in East Jakarta has reopened to the public for a limited time starting Sunday, November 20, 2022. Click here for the full story.

With this newsletter, I hope you have a fruitful week ahead.