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Premium Lebaran Hampers Collection for Your Friends and Families by Studiokado


Extend your celebration for the upcoming Ramadan with a selection of premium hampers that are well-curated to complete your moment of togetherness with your loved ones. A hamper that caters to all kinds of generations, including all the goodness of Ramadan’s must-have items, thoroughly-designed to meet both aesthetical value and delivery safety standards.

This year hamper’s concept is about the gratefulness of being able to reconnect to ourselves and our surroundings after a couple of challenging years – in addition to that, there is also Discover Lebaran items that transport you to immerse yourself in the beauty of culture during Ramadan.


The hampers collection of Studiokado Indonesia | Source: Studiokado

A Size for every need

Studiokado Indonesia introduces their Lebaran hampers collection in a dark blue theme as the dominant colour with the touch of bronze linings – the hampers collection also ranges from individual to family size hampers. There are 4 types of hampers that are available for this year’s Lebaran hampers – for smaller and intimate celebrations SEVGI and AMITY packages are best to be gifted to an individual or a small party. The hampers consist of all-time favourites such as Nastar and Putri Salju cookies as well as must-have Ramadan bites – Ajwa dates and bespoke blue tea. For a bigger celebration – USRA and AILE packages are more suitable and come with more varieties of content in the boxes – including a custom-made ceramic mug and Discover Ramadan items inside AILE which includes Turkish Delight from Turkey, a Moroccan bowl and a specially-blend Arabian Night scent that is inspired by Arabian Oud and its charming culture.


Inside of SEVGI’s package   | Source: Studiokado

A glimpse of Lebaran around the world

AILE package that has additional discover lebaran set | Source: Studiokado

Safe Packaging is a Must!

When sending hampers to your loved ones – aside from aesthetical value and also the choice of items inside - safety is also one of the points that must be considered when making a purchase for a hamper. Studiokado has been thinking about all the important aspects thoroughly and one of the points to highlight is the safety for delivery. It all comes down from the design as well, each item is not only well-arranged but also placed carefully within the box to stay in its position. In specific, the items are embedded in a specially-made separator that is using strong material to ensure not only its position but also its safety during the delivery. You can rest assured your order, even being as far as from one end to the other end of Indonesia, will arrive safe and sound! 

To purchase your Lebaran hampers from Studiokado – various platforms are available to meet your convenience. They are available on Tokopedia, Shopee and their own website. For bulk orders, you can reach out via WhatsApp for more convenience.