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IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo Returns for the 11th Edition, Introduces Halal Pack Expo

 IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo

In a crescendo of innovation and progress within  Indonesia's thriving food production landscape, the highly anticipated International Indonesia  Seafood & Meat Expo (IISM) is set to captivate industry enthusiasts from May 8 to 11!  Celebrating its 11th Edition, this flagship event is poised to transform the JI Expo, Kemayoran grounds into Jakarta's biggest epicenter for the advancement of the food production sector.  PT Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur (WAKENI) is delighted to announce that visitor registration for the International Indonesia Seafood & Meat and Indonesia Cold Chain Expo, is now open. Register your registration in here registration and don’t miss exclusive opportunity for industry professionals, seafood and meat enthusiasts, and business entrepreneurs to secure their place at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. 

Revolutionizing the Food Production Industry: IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo Returns for the 11th Edition, Introduces Halal Pack Expo

Stepping into the 2024 edition, the resonance of progress amplifies as IISM once again collaborates with the Indonesia Cold Chain Expo (ICE), showcasing avant-garde cold chain systems that form the backbone of Indonesia's rapidly expanding food production sector. "We invite all stakeholders in the seafood and meat industries to join us at the International  Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo 2024, alongside the Indonesia Cold Chain Expo. This edition promises to be a game-changer in promoting sustainable practices within the seafood and meat processing industry. Register now and be part of the evolution shaping the future of seafood and meat as Indonesia readies”, Said Carolyn Khoe as Project Manager of IISM &  Indonesia Cold Chain Expo. 

The IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo, invites attendees to explore, connect, and seize unparalleled business opportunities. As valued trade visitors, industry professionals are invited to join the journey in shaping the future of Indonesia's food production industry. Embark on a transformative journey at the IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2024, where cutting edge technology converges with business prowess to redefine the future of food production.  From May 8 to 11, industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts are invited to a comprehensive showcase of advancements in cold chain systems, seafood and meat production. This exceptional opportunity allows for witnessing technological advancements in seafood and meat processing, packaging, and preservation technologies, setting the industry pace. 

Industry players in seafood and meat, and food cold chain are welcomed to explore this dynamic end-to-end exhibition. Procurement specialists, purchasing managers, sales representatives, distributors, wholesalers, and supply chain experts will find valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and products that can elevate their businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs and established corporations alike will discover opportunities for collaboration,  innovation, and growth in this vibrant ecosystem. Attendees can leverage the exhibition for extensive networking opportunities, engaging with a diverse array of exhibitors, including global manufacturers and local distributors. This facilitates collaborations and expands professional networks. "IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo is a significant step towards fostering sustainability and ethical practices within the industry. This initiative not only aligns with global trends but also positions Indonesia as a leader in responsible and innovative seafood and meat production catering to the millions of F&B products consumers across Indonesia and globally”, Said Carolyn Khoe as Project Manager IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo. 

The showcase of innovative solutions encompasses cutting-edge technologies in seafood and meat production, cold chain systems, enabling professionals to stay ahead of industry trends. Educational seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts provide valuable insights into technological trends, market dynamics, and regulatory updates. The exhibition also offers a platform for business expansion, allowing professionals to connect directly with manufacturers and suppliers, understand their product offerings, negotiate deals,  and discover new avenues for business growth as they engage in interactive seminars, panel discussions, and product demonstrations led by industry experts.  

Elevating this year's exposition to unprecedented heights is the debut of the Halal Pack exhibition, seamlessly nestled within IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo. This strategic addition forms a dynamic nexus, cultivating innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled growth,  particularly within the vibrant seafood and meat sectors. As the IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain  Expo embarks on a journey of innovation and sustainability, the introduction of Halal Pack adds a new dimension to the expo's legacy. This edition promises to be a dynamic convergence of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and global networking opportunities. Join us as we redefine the future of the seafood and meat industries. Delving into the game-changing innovations of Halal Pack, exploration of ethical and sustainable packaging materials derived from bioplastics, chitosan, and renewable alternatives is offered.  

Visitor Registration for IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo has opened on 16 February  2024. Visitors are encouraged to pre-register their visit at as the official platform for visitors pre-registration. For more information, please contact the organizer at [email protected]