Development of Digitalization with Synergy of Global Products and Domestic Products

The festivities of the Indonesia Sustainable Procurement Expo 2023 (ISPE) were attended by a total of more than 2000 visitors, and not only on the first day, it was observed that on the second day potential users continued to arrive and were even very enthusiastic in learning more about the products from the exhibitors. "This event is very good and it is important for business people to know about it," said one potential user during registration. It didn't stop there, the Indonesia Sustainable Procurement Expo also received visits from foreign potential users who wanted to know more about the Indonesian government's procurement of goods and services.


Not only that, ISPE 2023 was also enlivened by a series of other events such as several seminars, the National Conference of the Indonesian Procurement Functional Association, and the distribution of door prizes during the closing ceremony. At the same time that the IFPI National Conference was taking place, there were also seminars on the importance of government procurement of goods and services which took place on the main stage and green theater. The seminar, which was attended by more than 200 participants from IFPI members and the general public, invited speakers who are experts in their fields such as the Director of LKPP Catalog System Development, Head of the 3rd LKPP as well as the IFPI Advisory Board, Chairman of the AKEN Advisory Board, General Chair of IFPI, and Secretary General of AKEN. The question and answer session was busy so that the Director of LKPP Catalog System Development, Mr. Yulianto Prihhandoyo, opened the opportunity for seminar participants to meet him directly in the eco room for further discussion.

Smiles of happiness were clearly visible on the faces of the participants who were ISPE exhibitors. "The event was successful and busy, so we got a lot of prospective users," said one of our exhibitors. It was even very visible that the participants who attended on the first day, returned to attend on the second day, as well as many participants who had just registered on the second day. This is a benchmark that ISPE 2023 can be a tool that brings significant changes to government procurement of goods and services.


Closing with a door prize session at the closing ceremony, the excitement of the event was even more pronounced. There are lots of prizes ranging from goodie bags, flash drives, power banks, cellphones, to work chairs from Chitose. The enthusiasm of the participants was even higher when the electric bicycle spin wheel rotated which was the main prize which was distributed to the event participants as an appreciation for participating in the whole series of activities.


How? Isn't ISPE 2023 very exciting? Look forward to the next ISPE in your cities. See you at ISPE 2024!