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APPMI Encourages Young Designers to Preserve and Develop Betawi Culture Through IYFDC 2024 Competition

APPMI Encourages Young Designers to Preserve and Develop Betawi Culture Through IYFDC 2024 Competition

The Indonesian Association of Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs (APPMI) and Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) have once again organized the Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Competition or IYFDC. This event serves as a platform for young designers to contribute to the preservation and development of Indonesian culture through their creations.

APPMI Encourages Young Designers to Preserve and Develop Betawi Culture Through IYFDC 2024 Competition

APPMI Chairman Poppy Dharsono explained that the theme of IYFDC 2024 is Betawi Culture, aligning with the overarching theme of IFW 2024.

"We require participants of IYFDC 2024 to incorporate Betawi cultural elements into their designs," said Poppy Dharsono.

Poppy emphasized that winners of IYFDC 2024 must be able to embody the theme in their fashion designs. The judging criteria also focus on creativity and innovation in creating ready-to-wear garments rich in Betawi cultural values.

"The use of local richness is also a crucial factor in the judging process to align with APPMI's mission through IFW, which is to preserve and develop local wealth in the fashion industry," explained Poppy Dharsono.

"Another important aspect is the usability and marketability of the products developed by participants of IYFDC 2024. Additionally, the use of sustainable fashion elements is equally significant," she added.

In IYFDC 2024, there were 500 applicants with a total of 108 sketches submitted. The judging process began on December 22, 2023, with the sketch evaluation, resulting in 43 participants advancing to the semifinals.

Participants of IYFDC 2024 come from various regions, not only from Jabodetabek.

Currently, participants are competing in the semifinals, where they are required to realize two sets of garments each and present them to the jury panel.

From this semifinal stage, 20 participants will be selected to advance to the final round, which will take place on the main stage of IFW 2024, showcasing four creative garments each.

The winners will be announced at the IFW 2024 runway. The winner of IYFDC 2024 will have the opportunity to receive a fashion education scholarship at the Koefia Academy in Rome, Italy.

"Meanwhile, the second, third, and favorite winners will receive special programs at renowned fashion campuses in Jakarta. Of course, there will be other entertainment prizes, such as cash prizes and attractive products," said Poppy.

It's worth noting that the organization of IYFDC 2024 received tremendous support from Tokopedia. One form of support was hosting the semifinal judging at the Tokopedia Tower auditorium on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Furthermore, Tokopedia's other support for IFW 2024 includes being the Official E-Commerce, Ticketing Partner, and Co-Host of IFW 2024. This collaboration is expected to advance the Indonesian fashion industry through the utilization of technology.

"We highly appreciate the organizers of IFW 2024, namely APPMI, for providing Tokopedia with the opportunity to collaborate," said Tokopedia's Fashion Category Development Senior Lead, Vivi Kosidin.

"Through this collaboration, Tokopedia hopes to continue being a platform for businesses in Indonesia, including in the fashion industry, to create business opportunities while collectively promoting economic equality through the use of technology," Vivi added.

With the organization of IYFDC 2024, Poppy Dharsono hopes to see rejuvenation and growth in the fashion ecosystem of the homeland that has been built by APPMI and IFW.

"In doing so, the mission of cultural preservation that we aim to accomplish can continue to be carried out and passed on by the nation's successors," said Poppy Dharsono.