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RiaMiranda Held Minang Legacy Onward Decade, Celebrating 10 Years of Minang Heritage

Indonesia is known as a country that is rich in culture's. In this case, culture's become strong and are often applied in various fields and industries, from the tourism industry to the food industry. One of the industries that often brings Indonesian unique culture's to the public spotlight is the fashion industry.

Ria Miranda, a well-known fashion designer with Minang heritage, also plays a very important role in presenting Indonesian culture. Through his works so far, and in 2023 Ria presents Minang Dekade, a celebration of ten years of the Minang Heritage collection from RiaMiranda which will be held at the RiaMiranda Pondok Indah Mall 2 outlet on February 13-19 2023. During its 13 years of existence, the RiaMiranda collection has always been inspired from the land of his birth, the land of Minang.

The Minang collection was first presented by Ria in 2012 at Jakarta Fashion Week, and was well received by the public. After ten years of Minang collection journey, RiaMiranda held a mini exhibition at Atrium Mall to bring back the spirit of Minang which has consistently been present in various RiaMiranda collections since 2012.


"My works are always closely related to Minang culture. Because Minang, with its beautiful culture and traditions, always has a story. Even the carvings on Rumah Gadang have a meaning that inspires my collection this year," said Ria Miranda, as Creative Director of the RiaMiranda brand.

According to Ria, her 10-year journey to introduce Minang culture is a matter of pride for her. Starting from the inspiration of her mother's songket, Ria began to explore her work which was eventually manifested in an exhibition entitled "RiaMiranda Minang Dekade Legacy Onward", which was also presented as a form of gratitude and a token of love for her loyal family and community who have supported the journey of the RiaMiranda brand until so far.

In 2023, the Minang Collection will present a different concept from the previous nine years. The collection, which marks the 10-year journey of the RiaMiranda brand, is summarized in the Rumah Gadang carving, with detailed wooden carvings encircling the walls, such as Daun Puluik-Puluik, Tupai Managun, Caraso Kanso, Singo Mandongkak Jo Takuak Kacang Goreang, Siriah Gadang, and Bunga Panca Matahari Jo Rantak Malam. In addition to lifting patterns from different objects, this year's Minang collection is also different in terms of cutting, proportion and tone color. The carvings taken from the Rumah Gadang have a traditional style which the RiaMiranda Team remade to be more modern. RiaMiranda's latest collection features an A-Line silhouette, pleats, embroidery, sequins and printed fabric details.

“In fact, the Minang Heritage motif has become the identity of the RiaMiranda brand. The initiation of this 10 year celebration signifies that innovation and exploration of Minang cultural heritage will not run out apart from Songket weaving. The name and motif of Minang Heritage have also been registered by Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) as a form of our seriousness so that it can be continued with a variety of inspirations that are increasingly rich and full of meanings of goodness," said Yaya Wulandari, Chief Commercial Officer of the RiaMiranda brand.


Ria explained that the Minangkabau carvings are based on Alam Takambang Jadi Guru combined with the traditional philosophy of Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah. The philosophy that carries religion as the basis of Minang people's life, is wrapped into A-Line and H-Line silhouettes as well as pleats, embroidery, beads, and printed fabric details. The game of earth tone colors also complements the works that will be present in the RiaMiranda Regular and Signature collections.

“Inspired by the details of the Gadang House wood carving during a visit to the Adityawarman Museum in Padang. The carving has a concept similar to the proverb "Alam takambangjadi guru" which means that everything presented in the universe is a gift from the Creator. I hope this moment will inspire me to consistently introduce West Sumatra's cultural diversity through the Minang Heritage campaign," said Ria when explaining the carvings she used in this Decade's Minang collection.

Apart from showing off RiaMiranda's latest collection, the Minang Dekade series of events on 15 - 19 February 2023 consisted of several interesting activities, namely Workshop by Ngebenang, Workshop by Rumah Atsiri, Beauty Demo by Something and Styling Session with Sarah Sofyan, and Creating Creative Content with Hijabers Community and Fashion Show.

Minang Decade is held by Ria, who consistently elevates Minang culture as the inspiration for her works. Ria wants to spread good values, one of which is to promote Minang culture so that it is better known to the public. During a press conference, Ria explained that Rumah Gadang, which is presented at the PIM 2 Atrium, has a special meaning for the Minang people. The red and yellow colors symbolize a sense of kinship and the warmth of togetherness. "With community and community cooperation, the Minang industry will be more advanced. Our culture will also live on, and our nation's name will be made overseas," said Ria.