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For the First Time, Renowned Italian Wine "Il Borro" Makes Its Debut in Indonesia

Salvatore Ferragamo Jr

Who would have thought that the founding family of the renowned brand "Salvatore Ferragamo" also owns a high-quality vineyard business named "Il Borro." Now, you can taste the Il Borro product line thanks to one of the best wine distributors in Indonesia, Dimatique Fine Wines.

To celebrate its arrival in Indonesia, Dimatique Fine Wines is organizing a series of launch events called TUSCANY UNCORKED: LAUNCHING IL BORRO EXCELLENCE IN INDONESIA, which will be held at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. In this event, Dimatique Fine Wines collaborates with Riedel, providing quality wine glasses for a more engaging wine drinking experience. Not only that, besides having the opportunity to taste Il Borro wine products, the invited guests and KOLs also have the chance to greet Salvatore Ferragamo Jr., the owner of the winery and also the family owner of this fashion brand.

Italian wine has become highly favored in the Indonesian market. Dimatique, as a wine distributor, sees this from three indicators: family-owned business, vineyard history and production, and the quality of the wine produced.

"This is also in line with what Il Borro does in running its wine business. Il Borro has been managed by the Salvatore Ferragamo family for generations," said Roy Mulyadi, Director of Wine & Spirit at Dimatique Fine Wines.

Wine from Il Borro is very intriguing to explore. The history of its vineyard dates back to 1254 in the city of Tuscany, Italy. After changing hands several times due to a very long historical background, the Ferragamo family finally purchased the vineyard and castle "Il Borro" in 1993 based on their love for the area and its history.

The Ferragamo family then developed the wine estate in 1997 and launched its first product in 2003. Gradually, Il Borro continues to improve the quality of its production with the latest innovations, such as completely eliminating chemical products, also known as biodynamic agriculture.

Salvatore Ferragamo Jr., as the owner of Il Borro, is very enthusiastic about the presence of his products in Indonesia. Of course, this complements the Ferragamo family business line in Indonesia. For Salvatore Ferragamo Jr., the launch of his products in Indonesia is one of the interesting things for him. "We hope our wines will find wine lovers in Jakarta and all over the country. I love Indonesia and I am sure the economy will be amazing in the future and our wines will be well distributed to new customers with our partner Dimatique," he said to Dimatique Fine Wines. On this occasion, Salvatore Ferragamo Jr. also recommends to consumers in Indonesia not only to buy and immediately drink his wine, but also to buy and store it for some time to produce good aging, one of which is Il Borro Toscana IGT.

The presence of Il Borro wine adds to the collection of 31 Italian wines from 112 international wine brands brought by Dimatique Fine Wines to Indonesia. To experience the long history of Tuscany through Il Borro wine, you can order it at your favorite Italian restaurant or directly through Dimatique Fine Wines by contacting WhatsApp at +62 811-9720-4206.