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Hidden Away: LIT Bakehouse - The Beloved Sweet Spot to Perch On After a Long Walk

LIT Bakehouse

Chinatown in the Glodok area, West Jakarta is famously known for the Chinese inherited culture which still is sustained from time to time. Temples, food and fruit stalls, Chinese knick-knacks, old-fashioned houses, and most prominently the Chinese-inspired restaurants ranging from traditional to Peranakan are really a sight to see. They are seemingly endless amount there is to be discovered in the sprawling area of Glodok.

LIT Bakehouse Interior
LIT Bakehouse Interior

Contrary to what the area offers, there is one hidden spot in the area that breaks the mold. LIT Bakehouse is one artisan bakery that serves scrumptious viennoiserie and bakery goodness amidst the over-crowded top-packed Chinatown.

Tucked away off the beaten path around one of the narrow alleys in Glodok, LIT Bakehouse is far from fancy. It's truly a humble and down-to-earth joint that rewards inquisitive diners with remarkable taste. Helmed by Lalita Setiandi, diners are very blessed with her best croissants. It's so unusual to relish homebaked croissants here, but the effort is really worth trying.

LIT Bakehouse Display Case
LIT Bakehouse Display Case

All the gems behind the display case look very appetizing. One that caught the attention the most was the Wildberry Forest. The croissant is whimsically decorated with blackberry curd, Italian meringue, matcha soil, fresh berries, and chocolate branch as they look like they are overgrown on top of it. The adventure doesn't stop there, once bitten the twice-baked butter croissant is filled with almond frangipane, strawberry confit, fresh blueberries, and blackberries. The outside texture is still maintained as crusty and flaky while inside the buttery sensation is still prolonged. The toppings and fillings combination is the most notable aspect, giving a distinct level of sweetness, freshness, and sourness.

LIT Bakehouse Wildberry Forest
Wildberry Forest

The basic croissants like Butter Croissant and Almond Croissant didn't disappoint either. Especially the almond ones, there was an appreciable almond frangipane flavor inside, which meshed well with toasted almonds on the top for a pleasing textural contrast.

LIT Bakehouse Almond Croissant
Almond Croissant

Their Kouign Amann was also a standout. The buttery puff pastry rolled in caster sugar is all layered with goodness. Imagine the glazed exterior with a hint of burnt color that's so messy and crispy when sliced. With this take, this delightful item will be much more perfect with the accompanying coffee on the side.

LIT Bakehouse Kouign Amann
Kouign Amann

After filling up on as much food as possible, the irresistible Classic Tiramisu will surely capture your heart immediately. Served chill, what they create is nothing short of excellent. The tiramisu is absolutely worth burrowing for with its creamy mascarpone mousse, layered lady fingers, and coffee powder. It's a delectable sweet closure.

LIT Bakehouse Classic Tiramisu
Classic Tiramisu

LIT Bakehouse
Jl. Pancoran 5 No. 31, Glodok, Taman Sari, Jakarta Barat 
Phone: +628179142889
Instagram: @lit_bakehouse