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Golden Pine: Pioneering Originality in Lembang's Café Culture

Golden Pine

Tucked away in the stunning Orchid Forest Cikole in Lembang, Golden Pine is a real gem in the café scene. Its charming glass house design and tasty artisanal treats have won over the hearts of visitors and even sparked inspiration for other cafes in the area.

In a place known for its natural beauty and buzzing tourism, Orchid Forest Cikole sets the stage for food adventures, and Golden Pine steals the spotlight. Mixing European vibes with local flavors, it offers a vibe and taste that's hard to beat.

Orchid Forest Cikole

Whether you're snapping pics for Instagram or digging into their famous Double Cheese Burger, Golden Pine promises a dining experience like no other. People love it so much that they keep coming back for more, eager to share their Golden Pine moments online.

But here's the cool part: Golden Pine isn't just popular with visitors. It's also leading the way for other cafes in Lembang. In less than two years, it's inspired a bunch of new spots to try and copy its style. But let's be real, nothing quite matches up to Golden Pine's originality and flavor!

Orchid Forest Cikole

Barry Akbar, CEO of Orchid Forest Cikole and the visionary behind Golden Pine, is talking all about keeping things fresh. He's committed to making sure Golden Pine stays true to itself, even with all the competition popping up. With its dedication to being the top spot for European-style tea in the forest, Golden Pine isn't going anywhere.

So, if you're planning a trip to Orchid Forest Cikole, make sure Golden Pine is on your list. It's not just a café; it's a vibe, a taste, and a whole experience. Golden Pine shows us that being creative and staying true to yourself can really make a mark in the hospitality world. And as other cafes try to follow suit, Golden Pine will always be the OG inspiration for café dreams in Lembang. 

Orchid Forest Cikole
Cikole - Lembang, Bandung Barat
P: 0811-2221-284