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Cultural Fusion on a Plate: French Gastronomy Week in IFI Bandung

French Gastronomy Week

On October 12, 2023, the French Institute of Indonesia (IFI) officially inaugurated the French Gastronomy Week, a spectacular event with the additional support of the French Embassy in Indonesia. This initiative aimed to provide a closer look at French gastronomy, featuring collaborative efforts with various restaurants in Bandung, each presenting special French menus.

Our firsthand experience unfolded at IFI Bandung during the captivating "Mother of Spice" program. This event, enriched by a cooking demonstration from Chef Simon Baudoin of Apéro, a French restaurant located at IFI, highlighted the meticulous preparation of Steak Au Poivre (Blackpepper steak), a standout dish from the "Le Goût de France - Cita rasa Prancis, j'adore!" event.

French Gastronomi Week

Cooking demo by Chef Simon Baudoin

The cooking demonstration was more than just a display of culinary prowess; it was an intimate and informative session. Chef Simon Baudoin, alongside Food and Anthropologist Hardian Eko Nurseto and Entrepreneur Terranova Waksman, engaged in direct discussions. "Mother of Spice" introduced a variety of spice treasures found in Indonesia, including pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and more. Following the cooking demo and tasting the exquisite Steak Au Poivre, the discussion delved into the history of spices, their discovery, and their cultural significance.

The success of the French Gastronomy Week, "Le Goût de France - Cita rasa Prancis, j'adore!" became evident through the positive impressions it left on participants. Beyond showcasing the culinary delights of French cuisine, the week-long event served as a platform for engaging discussions on various aspects of gastronomy.

French Gastronomi Week

Welcoming speech from Mr. Y.M. Fabien Penone, France ambasador for Indonesia, Timor Leste, & ASEAN

The French Gastronomy Week concluded with a palpable sense of appreciation for the cultural exchange fostered through the exploration of flavors and culinary traditions. It acted as a poignant reminder of the shared love for good food and the importance of preserving and promoting culinary heritage.

The commitment of the French Institute of Indonesia to fostering cultural exchanges is evident. Events like "Le Goût de France - Cita rasa Prancis, j'adore!" contribute significantly to strengthening the bonds between French and Indonesian culinary traditions. The success of this gastronomic celebration indicates a growing interest in the appreciation of diverse global cuisines and the cultural stories that accompany them.

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