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Trademark Vol. 2 - Neon Glow: Illuminating Bandung's Creative Spirit

Trademark Vol. 2 - Neon Glow: Illuminating Bandung's Creative Spirit

Following the resounding success of the April event, Trademark Market, the largest local fashion bazaar in Bandung, returns for its second installment in 2023 with the vibrant theme of "Neon Glow." Scheduled from October 26 to 29, Trademark Vol. 2 offers another exciting opportunity for shopping enthusiasts to explore and engage with local brands. Since its inception in 2011, Trademark Market has evolved into an annual extravaganza, consistently celebrating the creativity of Bandung's youth.


"Trademark always emerges as a representation of the creative essence of young individuals in Bandung, particularly entrepreneurs in the fashion and culinary sectors. We aspire to be a platform for local brands in the city of Bandung," emphasized Saira Nisar, CEO of Trademark Market Bandung.

Bandung, renowned for its creative community, finds a distinctive expression through Trademark. Saira Nisar envisions that this event will not only provide a platform for local youth but also contribute to Bandung's recognition on a national scale. The primary objective of Trademark Vol. 2 is to offer shoppers a comprehensive, one-stop experience with the diverse array of local brands participating in the event.

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Following a meticulous curation process, more than 170 local brands are showcasing their latest collections at Trans Convention Centre, The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, during this four-day event. These brands represent Trademark's philosophy, summed up in the slogan "Shop Local, Support Local."

As a gesture of appreciation for the participation of local brands, Trademark Market introduces awards in various categories such as Best Booth, Most Favorite Brand, Brand of the Year, and Best Rising Brand. The assessment, conducted by the internal Trademark Market team, incorporates diverse indicators. These awards not only recognize excellence but also aim to inspire continuous creativity among the participants.

Over the course of four days, Trademark Market aims to be the premier destination for all shopping enthusiasts. To enhance the overall experience, Trademark presents a lineup of performers, including DJ BFRANKSJ, EXXIT GAME, DJ ROBBY, DJ CALI, DJ JEVO, and live band performances by IRQAM, POP AT SUMMER, CASCADE, ERATIC MOODY & DOMESTIQUE CLUB. The synergy of shopping and entertainment makes Trademark Vol. 2 a must-attend event, reinforcing its position as a vital contributor to Bandung's cultural and creative landscape.


Trademark Market Vol.2
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