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Introducing "Smells Like Sera": A Local Perfume Brand Redefining Fragrance with "Scented Moments" Program

Smells Like Sera

Bandung-based perfume brand, Smells Like Sera, is proud to announce the launch of their innovative "Scented Moments" program. This unique initiative involves collaborating with different brands and venues for pop-up events, with the aim of creating long-lasting memories through long-lasting scents.

The brand's inaugural series, the "Sweet Series," features a delightful range of scents including the sweet masculine fragrance "Dex" and the sweet feminine fragrance "Rue." Each series launched will showcase a feminine and masculine version of the scent, catering to a diverse audience.

Smells Like Sera recently kicked off their "Scented Moments" program with a highly successful event in support of South Garden's first anniversary on 6 and 8 March 2024. The event was held by South Garden to celebrate their first anniversary and featured guest stars such as Boyen Pesek, Dustin, and HBRP, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

"We are thrilled to launch our 'Scented Moments' program and collaborate with other brands and venues to create unique and memorable events," said Laras, Founder of Smells Like Sera. "Our goal is to redefine the way people experience fragrance and create scents that evoke lasting memories."

Smells Like Sera perfumes can be purchased online via Shopee and Instagram (@smellslikesera), offering customers a convenient way to experience luxury fragrances at an affordable price point.

With its innovative approach to fragrance and commitment to creating memorable experiences, Smells Like Sera is set to become a leading name in the local perfume industry. The "Scented Moments" program is not only a great way for local brands to collaborate but also a unique opportunity for consumers to immerse themselves in a world of scents and memories.

For more information about Smells Like Sera and their "Scented Moments" program, please visit or follow them on Instagram @smellslikesera.