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Pullman And Ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central Organize The Longest Batik Display

In commemoration of National Batik Day, which falls every October 2nd, Pullman and ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central offers a different experience for public to enjoy the beauty of Bandung batik. In collaboration with DEKRANASDA Bandung (Regional National Craft Council), and the legendary batik Komar, Pullman and ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central present an exclusive batik display “Pesona Batik Bandung” on two sides of our building with a size of 6mx35m and 6mx40m.

The official ceremony was held on 1st October 2022, at Pullman and ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central, inviting Mrs. Dra. Hj. Yunimar Mulyana, the Mayoress of Bandung City as the Chairwoman of DEKRANASDA Bandung, Mrs, Sri Susiagawati, SE.,MM as Head of Creative Economy DISBUDPAR, Mr. Dr. H. Komarudin Kudiya S.IP, M.Ds from Batik Komar, and media partners. Furthermore, Pullman and ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central present a classic batik touch of 16 West Java Batik Pattern Flags raised to portray the beauty of Batik at the Pullman Bandung International Convention Center.

This activity is carried out in line with the concept of our hotel which highlights all forms of art. People can enjoy the view from outside the building of the legendary traditional batik. The iconic batik pattern is Manuk Cangkurileung, which depicts a friendly human figure. The Cangkurileung bird is also one of the unique fauna of Bandung City which is used as the logo for the 212 anniversary of Bandung city. And the other pattern are Bunga Patrakomala. Batik Bunga Patrakomala inspired by the iconic puspa/flower. In 1998 the Bandung City government establish the Patrakomala flower as a flora icon of regional identity. Beautiful Patrakomala flowers are easy to find around the city of Bandung.

“We aim to explore our open space and transform it into a lively space to display the richness of Bandung’s heritage and culture. This initiative is purposefully designed to spark local culture with a vision to inspire audiences about the new ways of engaging with batik in our lives. We genuinely hope this activity will bring further auspicious blessing to Indonesia’s High Cultural and Artistic Heritage”, said Dominique A. Albero, the GM of Pullman and ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central.

National Batik Day is a historical day when batik is recognized as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Intangible Culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) by UNESCO. It is nowdays become a celebration of Indonesia culture across several platforms all over the world.

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