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Culinary Mastery at Giur Bistro: A Dining Experience to Remember

Culinary Mastery at Giur Bistro: A Dining Experience to Remember

Nestled in the heart of the city, Giur Bistro is a culinary gem that effortlessly marries the timelessness of classic interior design with a contemporary twist. A modern Asian dining establishment, Giur Bistro is truly versatile, catering to all occasions - whether it's a romantic dinner, a family outing, or a casual get-together with friends. It offers a comfortable and inviting ambiance that suits every mood.

giur bistro


Their extensive menu, spanning from Asian to Western cuisines, is a testament to their culinary expertise. During our visit, we started with the Smoke Salmon Tataki with Tuile as our appetizer. From the very first bite to the last, this dish tantalized our taste buds, leaving us craving for more. The thinly sliced smoked salmon, delicately seared to achieve a smoky, charred exterior that contrasts beautifully with its tender, silky center, was a sublime treat. The addition of the crisp and brittle tuile added an unexpected and delightful texture to every mouthful.

smoke salmon tataki with tuile
Smoke Salmon Tataki with Tuile


As we eagerly savored the starters, our main courses arrived - the Smoked Mandarin Duck with Burnt Orange Juice and the Spicy Vietnamese Noodle. To our delight, none of the dishes disappointed, but our hearts were won over by the Smoked Mandarin Duck with Burnt Orange Juice. This dish showcased a flawless fusion of tender, succulent smoked duck, masterfully prepared to impart a smoky flavor that stimulated our senses. The real star, however, was the burnt orange juice glaze, which struck a delightful balance between sweet and tangy. Each bite revealed a harmonious marriage of savory and citrusy notes, leaving a memorable and lingering taste on our palates.

smoked mandarin duck
Smoked Mandarin Duck with Burnt Orange Juice


Equally unmissable was the Spicy Vietnamese Noodle, an explosion of bold and vibrant flavors. The broth, a star in its own right, married sour and spicy elements in perfect harmony, creating a comforting yet invigorating sensation with every spoonful. It was the kind of broth that warmed the soul and awakened the senses. The generous bowl also featured tender slices of beef and delectable fish cake, adding layers of savory goodness that complemented the broth's fiery kick.

spicy vietnamese noodle soup
 Spicy Vietnamese Noodle


To complement our delightful meal, we savored two refreshing drinks: the Aperitivo, a perfect blend of homemade bitter, cranberry juice, and a soda injection, and Aria, a refreshing mocktail featuring cucumber, apple, pineapple, and basil syrup, with orange and blue curacao. These drinks provided a perfect refreshment after the flavorful meal. And last but not least, we couldn't resist indulging in their tantalizing dessert, the Apel Malang. This dessert featured poached Malangnese apple with black tea, served with honey and ice cream, creating a sweet and delightful conclusion to our dining experience.

Aperitivo and Aria
Aria and Aperitivo


The overall experience at Giur Bistro is truly exceptional, combining exquisite cuisine, a charming ambiance, and impeccable service to create a memorable dining adventure that will keep you coming back for more. Giur Bistro is unquestionably a fantastic dining spot in the city, where classic charm combines with modern style, creating a memorable culinary experience. It's a destination that promises to satisfy your palate and stir your senses, ensuring that each visit is met with anticipation and the promise of culinary excellence.

Giur Bistro  
Jl. Aria Jipang No.1, Bandung
P: (022) 4241981