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Ramadan at Raffles: A Reverent & Refined Celebration

Ramadan at Raffles: A Reverent & Refined Celebration

Raffles Jakarta proudly unfurls its Ramadan tapestry: a sumptuous blend of tradition and luxury, kindled by the heartfelt spirit of the sacred month. Distinguished guests are invited to a reverent and refined celebration that harmonises the hotel's storied history with the reflective time of Ramadan. From 10 March – 9 April 2024, explore a month-long curated dining programme at Arts Café by Raffles and The Writers Bar, and from 18 March – 3 April 2024, embark on a Turkish culinary journey at Bosphorus Nights on Two.


In a sublime homage to the art of giving, Raffles Jakarta presents its Ramadan Hampers, enshrined in sage chests that whisper tales of elegance and cultural reverence. From the Raffles Signature Lapis Legit to the sumptuously assembled Raffles Gold Hamper, these treasures embody the sanctity and joy of Ramadan Mubarak. Starting at IDR 650,000 net per box, there are three Ramadan Hampers to suit your preferences. Raffles Gold Hampers, Raffles Silver Hampers and Raffles Signature Lapis Legit.

Raffles Jakarta Ramadan Hampers 2024 - Gold Hampers

Available in three distinctive styles, these resplendent hampers conceal a cornucopia of curated confections and gourmet treats, from Special Cookies and Candied Oranges to Stuffed Chocolate Dates and Raffles Signature Lapis Legit: layers of sweet perfection, with whispered hints of spice and buttery indulgence.

Raffles Jakarta Ramadan Hampers

The hampers are available for pre-order online or in-store from 1 March 2024. Hampers are available for pick-up or delivery from 10 March – 11 April 2024. To avoid disappointment, orders should be placed at least three days in advance.


Raffles Jakarta TWB - Ramadan Takjil 2024 01

Amidst the artistic ambience of The Writers Bar, the Holy Month is greeted with Chef Anom's Takjil—an array of delights crafted with precision and care to be the perfect prelude to an enchanting evening of fellowship and feasting. Popular specialties such as Premium Dates, Baklava, Tuna Naniura, Lemper Bakar Cakalang and Telur Pindang Asap not only herald the breaking of the fast but also serve as a shared journey through cherished tastes. Starting at IDR 450,000++ for two persons, inclusive of coffee, tea, or signature beverages.


Raffles Jakarta Arts Cafe - Ayam Pelalah 04

The breaking of the fast at Arts Cafe transforms into a joyous celebration of the authentic depths of Indonesian culinary heritage. Chef Lukman meticulously curates an exquisite Iftar experience that harmoniously blends aromatic traditional spices with a modern touch to create an unforgettable expedition through the diverse flavours of Nusantara. IDR 628,000++ per person, inclusive of free flow of chilled juices and tea.


Raffles Jakarta Ramadan Raffles at Home

Savour the illustrious heritage of Raffles Jakarta within the cosy confines of your residence. Every delectable dish on our thoughtfully curated Ramadan at Home menu showcases the culinary artistry of our gastronomic maestros. Whether you're planning a cosy Iftar gathering or a serene evening with family, encapsulate the spirit of Ramadan with gourmet delights delivered directly to the sanctuary of your home. Starting from IDR 1,850,000 net per set


Indulge in the illustrious traditions and delights of Turkish culinary heritage in an unforgettable dining experience brings the spirit of Ramadan to life. Welcome to Bosphorus Nights on Two, Raffles Jakarta's exclusive pop-up venue from 18 March – 10 April 2024. Step inside the Djakarta Room on Level Two and enter a world of rich flavours and exotic aromas. Direct from Raffles Istanbul, our talented guest chef conjures the mystique and allure of Turkish cuisine within our storied walls. Set forth on a gastronomic odyssey, reminiscent of grand Iftar evenings under the starry skies of the Middle East, yet right here in the heart of Jakarta.
IDR 658,000++ per person


Combine Buka Puasa with a staycation at Raffles! Now you can enjoy Buka Puasa as well as relax by the pool, walk the Hendra Gunawan Garden or play a game of tennis when staying the night in a Raffles Room.

Starting from IDR 3,350,000++ per room per night, the Ramadan Oasis Package includes breakfast or sahur and buka puasa based on the occupancy chosen. Ramaadan Oasis Package is available from 11 March 2024 to 9 April 2024.

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