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Blissful Raya Ramadan Buffet at Lucy In The Sky

Blissful Raya Ramadan Buffet at Lucy In The Sky

Celebrating breaking the fast together has become a tradition which is always awaited by people who observe fasting. This moment is also used as an opportunity to gather with the people closest to you. In the spirit of the togetherness of Ramadan, Lucy In The Sky, as one of the pioneers of rooftop bars & restaurants, also wants to be part of this special moment through a Ramadhan buffet with a Blissful Raya theme.

Located in a busy point in the city of Jakarta, Lucy In The Sky, which has 3 outlet branches located in SCBD, Mall Senayan Park (SPARK) and Cikini, can be an option for customers to spend time breaking the fast with colleagues, family, relatives or closest friends. In the holy month this year, Lucy In The Sky offers a buffet-style iftar menu, suitable for customers who want to break the fast with many menu choices with a large group.

Blissful Raya Ramadan Buffet at Lucy In The Sky

For IDR 200,000/pax, for 150 minutes customers can enjoy various dishes from appetizers to desserts. Starting from takjil, fritters, main dishes, soup, fruit, and desserts to infused water can be enjoyed from 17.30 - 20.00 WIB every day. The main dishes are also served in several interesting and tongue-in-cheek menu choices such as Soto Daging, Bebek Goreng Bali, Beef Black Pepper, and Ayam Bacem which change every week.

Not only the Ramadan buffet promo, Lucy In The Sky also provides a special selection of Ramadan drinks which can only be enjoyed during the month of Ramadhan by paying just IDR 55,000. Coco Hour, coconut ice served with fresh coconut meat and basil, Hazelnut Berry Burst, a unique combination of watermelon, strawberry and hazelnut flavours produces an attractive sweet, sour and fresh taste to accompany breaking the fast, Silky Mango, inspired by snacks from Thailand which is phenomenal, mango sticky rice, this drink is perfect for those of you who love mango combined with the savoury taste of coconut foam, Thai Tea Float, Lucy In The Sky's regular drink which is enhanced with vanilla ice cream which adds a special creamy taste in the Ramadan month, and finally there is Es Klepon with delicious pandan flavour which will complete the Blissful Raya moment for customers at Lucy in The Sky Jakarta.

Blissful Raya Ramadan Buffet at Lucy In The Sky

"Using a rooftop concept that offers views of the city of Jakarta at the Lucy In The Sky SCBD and SPARK outlets, and a homey concept at Lucy In The Sky Cikini can certainly be an exciting destination for breaking fast with your loved ones.

Not only in terms of the affordable price of IDR 200,000 for the buffet menu package, the menu choices served are also interesting as a breaking fast menu with complete variants of appetizers, main courses, desserts, drinks and takjil. "It is very suitable for everyone who wants to break the fast together with extended family, friends and co-workers in this holy month," said Annisa Gita as Corp. Head of Brand Marketing Lucy Group.

Iftar Buffet can be enjoyed during Ramadan starting from Tuesday, March 12 2024 at Lucy In The Sky SCBD, SPARK and Cikini at 17.30-20.00 every day.

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