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Expat Chambers of Commerce and Business Association in Jakarta

Keep yourself informed about Indonesia, or Jakarta especially, through these chambers and business associations. Get any updates about expat events, business networking events, as well as expanding your business contacts while living in the city.

1. Indonesia-Australia Business Council (IABC)

Expat Communities You Could Join in Jakarta

Relocating overseas and living thousands of miles away from home can be a very difficult experience, for both yourself and your family. From learning a new language to finding the right home, enrolling your kids to the right school and simply adjusting to simple day-to-day activities can be very unsettling without the right guidance. It is even harder when you do not have your usual support system at your beck and call.

11 Most Beautiful and Magnificent Mosques in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

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The Best Catering Services in Jakarta
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Where to Get Breast Cancer Screening in Bandung

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Where to Get Breast Cancer Screening in Jakarta

Early detection of breast cancer is crucial to prevent the spread of the disease. For this reason, we provide information about where you can do a breast screening in Jakarta. For more information, you can contact the hospital directly.

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