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Best Bars in Jakarta 2024

We know there are dozens of bars that scatter around in Jakarta, listing them one by one is quite a stretch and making it to the never-ending list that goes on and on. To save your time, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks when it comes to finding the best bars in Jakarta in 2024.
Best Cocktail Bars in Bandung
These cocktail bars offer a fantastic selection of cocktails, and some of them are discreetly tucked away. They provide the perfect avenue for a temporary escape
Best Bars in Gudang Selatan Bandung
Gudang Selatan is an area filled with old buildings that used to serve as warehouses. Thanks to the creativity of Bandung's citizens, it has been transformed into a hub of entertainment, featuring numerous bars.
15+ Best Rooftop Bars and Sky Lounges in Jakarta

Where are the best rooftop bars & sky lounges in Jakarta? These sky-high venues make for the perfect spot to watch the city’s official firework shows and the countless residential displays. But you’re not the only one in town who wants to be among the clouds;  some of the places on this list also happen to be the hippest and the ‘it’ place to see and be seen in the town; so best come with a reservation!


20+ Best Places to Enjoy Live Music in Jakarta 2024

Where to enjoy live music in Jakarta? Jakarta offers countless exciting and vibrant local music scenes to choose from. Here are some of the best live music venues you should check out around Jakarta city. (p.s. we suggest you call first before you go) and you also check our Jakarta nightlife guide and upcoming Jakarta music events here 

Best Cigar Bars and Lounges in Jakarta
Jakarta's cigar bars set the stage for memorable moments of indulgence, here, we profile the best cigar bars and lounges in Jakarta
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