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The Top Venues to Party around Gunawarman and Senopati

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some shots of booze because we’re listing the best venues to party around Gunawarman and Senopati

The Best Venues to Party in SCBD, Jakarta

No matter if you’re after a nightclub with a DJ, a casual cocktail lounge to mingle with a live performance, or a nightclub with showering LED lights, here are our favorite party places in the SCBD area

Partying in Paradise: Bali's Top Nightlife Picks

There’s no doubt that Bali’s a haven for partying all week long; the island is packed with clubs for different kinds of crowds, parties, and music. We picked out some of the best places around Bali to get you pumping all night long.

Drink the Night Away, The Best Bars in Braga

Braga has become a popular destination among tourists. Along with the historical buildings and streets, there are bars and clubs to spend a memorable night. From a street-side bar to a speakeasy bar, we've got you covered with our top list of the best bars in Braga.

The Best Karaoke Bars in Bandung

There’s no shortage of really great karaoke bars across Bandung. The next time you need a good laugh or want to embrace your inner diva with a microphone or pull a good performance, you’re bound to let go of daily stresses and have an incredible time. Here are the best karaoke bars in Bandung.

Upcoming Music Concerts and Festivals in Jakarta

We give you information on their dates, lineups, and other information so you know what to look out for this season. We’ll also keep this story updated as more information and different events get announced.

The Best Family Karaoke TV in Jakarta

Since karaoke can be enjoyed with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers, it’s the perfect activity for some fun. Here are the best family karaoke places in Jakarta.

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