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Things To Do During Festive Holiday In Bandung

Things To Do During Festive Holiday In Bandung

Bandung is undoubtedly a favorite holiday destination, especially towards the end of the year. The city offers enjoyable places and activities to enhance your festive holiday experience with friends, family, and loved ones. Wondering what you can explore during this peak season in Bandung? Let's check them out!

Libur Tahun Baru di Bandung

1. Exploring Nature Destinations


Visiting a mountainous area that offers a cool and breezy environment is undoubtedly a favorite activity for everyone while on vacation, particularly for those coming from Jakarta. The natural beauty that the city of Bandung has to offer is truly something not to be missed during a holiday. Being a city surrounded by mountains, there are numerous natural beauties to be enjoyed, easily reachable as they are not too far from the city. You can explore themed parks, enjoy beautiful views in Lembang, or engage in fun camping activities in Ciwidey.

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2. Exploring the Delicious Sundanese Food

sundanese restaurant
photo by instagram @nasibancakan.bdg

Bandung has always been a paradise for food, particularly when it comes to Sundanese cuisine. In Bandung, you can discover a variety of Sundanese food restaurants, ranging from restaurant-style establishments like Nasi Bancakan, Bumi Aki, or Dapoer Pandan Wangi to street-style options like Warung Bu Imas or Tri Timbel Eceu. There's more than enough to satisfy your appetite.

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3. Visiting New Tables and Instagramable Cafe

hello summer

In recent years, an array of Instagrammable cafes has flourished in Bandung, ranging from trendy communal spaces to cafes exuding tropical vibes. The city has become a haven for those seeking not only delectable treats but also visually captivating settings. As you embark on a journey to explore these new culinary establishments, be sure to prepare your best outfit! As each cafe presents a perfect photo opportunity that should not be missed. 

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4. Hunting for Year-End Discount


For you discount hunters, Bandung has several malls that regularly hold these promos. Malls such as Paris Van Java, 23 Paskal, Trans Mall Bandung, and Cihampelas Walk are ready to enliven the discount party. Apart from the malls, be sure to check dozens of factory outlets.

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5. New Year Dinner with Family or Partner


Ending the year with dinner among your closest companions is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. Various hotels in Bandung are not lagging behind in presenting diverse packages and concepts for New Year's celebrations. Besides being enjoyable, indulging in a lavish dinner at a hotel is certainly a memorable and delightful experience.

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6. Staycation at the Best Villas in Bandung


For some, spending the New Year with friends and family is a must-do. Luckily, Bandung offers a variety of attractive villas that you can rent. These villas not only boast good design but are also equipped with complete facilities such as a BBQ grill, board games, smart TV, and a fully stocked kitchen. Some of these sought-after villas include Montrii House, Villa Yucca, and Daheim 290.

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