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6 Best Hotels around Ciumbuleuit

6 Best Hotels around Ciumbuleuit

As time passes, the Ciumbuleuit area has become busier than ever. Emerging as a prime destination for your Bandung trip, this area is replete with numerous culinary destinations and excellent hotels that allow you to savor the natural beauty of the city, given its elevated and hilly landscape. To help you find the perfect hotel, here is our top list of recommendations for the best hotels around Ciumbuleuit:

6 Best Hotels around Ciumbuleuit / 6 Hotel Terbaik di Ciumbuleuit

1.Padma Hotel Bandung

padma hotel bandung

When discussing ideal accommodations in the Ciumbuleuit area, Padma Hotel Bandung is undoubtedly a top recommendation. Beyond providing comfort, the hotel offers an array of comprehensive facilities, notably an Adventure Park with enjoyable activities for both adults and children. The highlight is the breathtaking view of lush greenery that can be enjoyed from every corner of the hotel.

Padma Hotel Bandung
Jl. Rancabentang No.56-58, Bandung
P:  (022) 2030333

2. Art Deco Luxury Hotel & Residence

art deco

This aesthetic hotel is another perfect place to stay around Ciumbuleuit. Art Deco Luxury Hotel & Residence boasts a unique, grandeur, elegant design in each room. Feature 81 guest rooms with selections of Deluxe, Deluxe Residence, Premier, Corner Room, Corner Jacuzzi Residence,  Jacuzzi Suite, Junior Suite, Mezzanine Suite, Family Suite, Executive Suite, Grand Suite, Garden Suite, Art Deco Penthouse, and Presidential Suite.

Art Deco Luxury Hotel & Residence
Jl. Rancabentang No.2, Bandung
P: (022) 87783899

3. HARRIS Hotel & Convention Ciumbuleuit


HARRIS Hotel & Convention Ciumbuleuit is a boutique hotel that combines comfort with affordability. The well-lit, contemporary rooms feature complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, sofabeds, city views, and tea and coffee makers. Ideal for a family staycation, the hotel offers a kids' club, a rooftop pool, an international restaurant, and various other amenities.

HARRIS Hotel & Convention Ciumbuleuit
Jl. Ciumbuleuit No.50 - 58, Bandung
P:  (022) 82068222

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4. The House Tour Hotel - Midtown Ciumbuleuit

the house tour midtown

The House Tour Hotel - Midtown Ciumbuleuit is an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable boutique hotel, perfect for those seeking a delightful and cool place to stay in the Ciumbuleuit area. The hotel offers a vibrant atmosphere that provides a fresh, fun, and fulfilling reinvention of the travel experience. With room types ranging from Studios to Extra Large, which include a living room, guests can enjoy a variety of accommodation options.

The House Tour Hotel - Midtown Ciumbuleuit
Jl. Panumbang Jaya No.5, Bandung
P:  (022) 82065241

5. New Sany Rosa Hotel

sany rosa

New Sany Rosa Hotel features unassuming rooms with wooden furnishings, offering Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee-making facilities. The relaxed suites come with lounge areas. The hotel is also suitable for hosting business gatherings, as it provides a large meeting room. Moreover, a mini garden is located at the center of the hotel.

New Sany Rosa Hotel
Jl. Hegarmanah No.2A, Bandung
P:  (022) 2033562

6. House Sangkuriang Bandung

house sangkuriang

House Sangkuriang Bandung is a 3-star hotel that provides homey and cozy rooms for a comfortable stay. Despite its vintage-style furniture, the hotel is well-maintained. It features three room styles, ranging from Sangkuriang to Family Suite, the latter including two bedrooms and a spacious living room for a truly relaxing experience.

House Sangkuriang Bandung
Jl. Sangkuriang No.1, Bandung
P: (022) 87832323