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Popular Traditional and Wet Markets in Bandung

Popular Traditional and Wet Markets in Bandung

In any city in the world. The traditional market has always been a symbol of the course of a civilization. Especially the wet market which is definitely the heart of the main economy in a region. Likewise in Bandung, since its first establishment, various markets have emerged which are the mainstay of the local community and activity. Here are some interesting traditional/wet markets to visit in Bandung.

Popular Traditional and Wet Markets in Bandung/ Pasar Tradisional Yang Menarik Dikunjungi di Bandung

1. Pasar Induk Caringin (Caringin Central Market)

Caringin Market

This market has been established since 1991. Even though it is relatively new, Pasar Induk Caringin is the largest in Bandung Raya. This market was formed because traders moved from the already increasingly chaotic Ciroyom Market. Currently, Caringin Main Market is supplied from 11 provinces from Sumatra, Java, and Bali. Commodities that can be found here also vary from fruit, fish, meat, clothing, household needs, and others. So it's no wonder this market functions as the central market in Bandung.

Pasar Induk Caringin
Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Babakan Ciparay, Bandung

2. Pasar Ciroyom (Ciroyom Market)


Before there was the Caringin Central Market. Ciroyom Market functioned as the central market in Bandung. This market also has a long history since its construction in 1923. The Ciroyom area itself was developed by the Dutch as a logistics delivery area. There are many warehouses here that are directly connected to the railroad tracks. So naturally, this market has an important role in the colonial era. Currently, even though it is no longer a central market, Ciroyom Market is still important because various daily needs can be found in this market. Here also stands Ciroyom Station which makes it easier for residents from various parts of Bandung to visit here.

Pasar Ciroyom
Jl. Ciroyom Barat, Andir, Bandung

3. Pasar Gempol (Gempol Market)


Photo by Farchan Noor Rachman


This market stands in an area called Gempol. In the colonial era in 1925, this area was the first formal housing complex built in the city of Bandung with the concept of a garden city with kuldesak characteristics. Gempol Market itself has only been established in 1953 as a result of controlling street vendors on Bahureksa Street and Tirtayasa Street. From the year of its establishment until now, this market caters to smaller retail sales. What makes this market unique is the stalls which are located in narrow alleys and stand in the middle of residential areas. Currently, Gempol Market and its surroundings are crowded with tourists because there are various delicious culinary delights such as Kupat Gempol and Roti Gempol.

Pasar Gempol
Jl. Pasar Gempol, Citarum, Bandung

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4. Pasar Cihapit (Cihapit Market)

Pasar Cihapit

This market stood in line with the establishment of a Dutch settlement in the Cihapit area. In the 1920s, this area received the title as an example of a healthy settlement inhabited by middle-class citizens. So it is only natural that visitors to this market have always come from the upper middle class. After being used as an internment camp area during the Japanese occupation. Cihapit Market resumed operations after Indonesia's independence. This market is known for its neat and clean location when compared to other traditional markets in Bandung. Apart from that, around the market, there are various legendary culinary delights such as Warung Bu Eha or Surabi Cihapit. Lately, Cihapit Market has been busy with tourists because there are various contemporary food tenants who rent the space areas such as Rama Ramen, Jongla, and Konklusi Kitchen.

Pasar Cihapit
Jl. Cihapit, Bandung

5. Pasar Kosambi (Kosambi Market)

Pasar Kosambi

Who would have thought that the area where this market was built used to be an entertainment district in Bandung? It all started in 1989 when the Dutch East Indies government moved an arms factory (currently Pindad) from Surabaya to the Kiaracondong area in Bandung. Since then, the Kosambi area has slowly turned into an entertainment center with the establishment of cinemas and theaters. In the place where the Kosambi Market was founded, there used to be a cinema called Bandung Theater which closed in the 1990s. The unique thing about this market is the division of the area. On the ground floor is a wet market where you can find vegetables, meat and fruit. On the top floor, there are various shops, such as clothes shops and souvenir centers. Most recently, in this market, there is a communal space called The Hallway Space which is a gathering center for teenagers in Bandung.

Pasar Kosambi
Jl. A. Yani No. 221 - 223, Bandung