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Top Trendy Cafes on Braga Street - Bandung

Recently, Braga Street has been getting more and more bustling. This has resulted in the emergence of various new aesthetic cafes to make a target for local tourists to visit this beloved legendary street. 

If you still have no idea where to go, these hot spots are all trendy in the sense that they have great food and fun atmospheres, and that’s exactly why they’re on this guide.

1. Kopi Toko Djawa

TOko Kopi Djawa Braga

This coffee shop, which was formerly a Toko Buku Djawa, always attracts tourists with its own charms. Distinctive interior design, delicious coffee, and comfortable Braga atmosphere are the main reasons to come here. Reminiscing the nostalgia.

Kopi Toko Djawa
Jl. Braga No.81, Bandung
P: 0899-6979-748

2. Toko Kue Lakker

Toko Kue Lakker

Eating classic cakes while enjoying the atmosphere of Braga can be a fun thing to do. You can feel this experience at this Toko Kue Lakker. Here you can find Indonesian traditional cakes such as Bika Ambon, chocolate balls, croquettes, etc. Don't forget to order classic drinks such as brewed coffee or warm bandrek to warm it up.

Toko Kue Lakker
Jl. Braga No.83, Bandung
P: 08 1234 83 13 83

3. Jurnal Risa Coffee Braga

Jurnal Risa Braga

This cafe, which is taken from the name of the mystery content creator, offers an interesting experience. Jurnal Risa Coffee Braga occupies a cultural heritage building formerly known as Toko Populair. The attractive building design is so eye-catchy, it is guaranteed to make you have many photo spots to capture.

Jurnal Risa Coffee Braga
Jl. Braga No.45, Bandung

4. Cupola Braga

Cupola Braga by Secangkir.berdua

Cupola Braga by Secangkir.berdua

This cafe is quite hidden on Braga Street. You need to find a red door and enter it to reach this hidden gem. Cupola Braga has a large backyard that resembles a mini-amphitheater. It's one of the places where you can feel the serenity without enduring so much noise from Braga Street.

Cupola Braga
Stocker House, Jl. Braga No.43, Bandung

5. Elldoda Cafe & Eatery

Elldoda Cafe by aa_fotokopi

Elldoda Cafe by aa_fotokopi

A splash of colorful tones embodies this vibrant cafe. The vibes will make you feel like you're at the beach, something that's rare to find in Bandung. Finding it will not be difficult, just look for the most colorful cafe in Braga, that's for sure Elldoda Cafe & Eatery which stands out in the complex.

Elldoda Cafe & Eatery
Jl. Braga No.82, Bandung
P: 0821-1091-6712

6. Sweet Cantina

Sweet Cantina by shavinia_

Sweet Cantina by shavinia_

If you happen to be walking around on Braga Street, you will definitely find an ice cream shop whose color is very distinctive. Sweet Cantina offers a variety of delicious flavors of ice cream and cookies. Can you imagine how good it is to enjoy a sweet and nice ice cream while walking in Braga?

Sweet Cantina
Jl. Braga No.89, Bandung
P: 0896-7408-5408

7. Bahagia Kopi Braga

Bahagia Kopi

Seeing that Braga is getting busier, Bahagia Kopi doesn't want to miss the momentum. In their new shop, they embody a classic style that is modified according to the building they occupy. Very suitable if you want to hang out in the Braga Street area.

Bahagia Kopi Braga
Jl. Braga No.61, Bandung
P: 0812-2336-8700