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Surabaya’s Best Local Fried Chickens

Craving fried chicken in Surabaya? Find the city's top local spots!
Best Meatball Soups / Bakso in Surabaya
Taste the best meatball soup or "bakso" places in Surabaya! These spots serve up delicious and filling bowls of meatballs in flavorful broth, perfect for a satisfying meal.
What to Eat in G-Walk Surabaya: Best Restaurants / Eateries
Explore G-Walk Surabaya’s best eats! Enjoy crispy Californian pizzas, flavorful noodles, spicy chicken rice, crispy Korean chicken, and so much more.
Best Modern Indonesian Restaurants in Bali
From clifftop settings overlooking the ocean to intimate dining spaces in the heart of Ubud, here are some of the best modern Indonesian restaurants in Bali that promise an unforgettable dining experience.
Bali New Tables July 2024
Here’s a sneak peek into the newest tables in Bali for July 2024, each promising unique flavors, exquisite interiors, and memorable dining experiences!
Surabaya’s Best Pork Restaurants / Eateries
Try Surabaya's top restaurants for delicious pork dishes! From juicy satay and crispy pork to tender babi guling, these eateries offer a variety of flavors in cozy settings with friendly service.
Surabaya New Tables July 2024
Check out Surabaya’s hottest new spots for July 2024! From a charming vegan cafe to a luxurious Japanese restaurant, there's something for everyone.
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