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Here's How MORAZEN Hotel Surabaya Celebrates Earth Hour by Introducing Traditional Toys to Generation Alpha whanna
MORAZEN Hotel Surabaya announces its innovative approach to celebrating Earth Hour this year in a unique and meaningful way.

Celebrating the First Ramadan at MORAZEN Surabaya: Presenting the Theme "Iftar Delight"

The holy month of Ramadan in the year 1445 Hijriah became a special moment for the hotel located on Jalan Kayoon, now known as MORAZEN Surabaya.
6 Reasons to Stay in MORAZEN Hotel Surabaya
In the lively center of Surabaya, the MORAZEN Hotel invites you for a cozy stay filled with luxury, convenience, and friendly service.
Grand Dafam Signature Surabaya Undergoes Rebranding to Become MORAZEN Hotel Surabaya
A hotel under the management of PT. Surabaya Mercusuar Indonesia has officially undergone rebranding, previously known as Grand Dafam Signature Surabaya, now transformed into MORAZEN Hotel Surabaya.
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