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Newsletter: Best Destinations and Activities for Summer School Holiday

Newsletter: Best Destinations and Activities for Summer School Holiday

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With the summer school holiday upon us, it's the perfect time to plan a family getaway to a nearby destination. There are countless options to explore without the hassle of long travel while discovering the hidden gems close to home.

For a refreshing short vacation from Jakarta, consider heading to the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) or Puncak. Both destinations promise a rejuvenating break from city life, just a short journey away.

If you want to spend time around town exploring great restaurants and cafes, Senopati and PIK areas are the 'it' options. Check out our most recommended dining spots in Senopati and PIK areas for your culinary reference.

If you are still looking for summer programs for your loved ones in Jakarta, check out our guides. We've curated a selection of summer programs in Jakarta. These options ensure your child can develop new skills, make friends, and enjoy a memorable summer experience.

For Bali, the holiday options are endless. This week, we highlight the best jungle swings and the best summer programs in Bali. If you want to hop into Labuan Bajo, we have the best luxury resorts in Labuan Bajo (Komodo) for your perfect escape.

For the cultural article, we highlight Tajen - The History and Rituals of Balinese Cockfighting. This tradition is more than just a spectacle; it's a ritual with profound religious significance and historical roots dating back centuries. Read more here.

For Bandung, we have the best hotels for staycation, the best hotels in Lembang, the top hotels with breathtaking views, and the top theme parks & outdoor activities.

For Surabaya, we have the best things to do in Malang, the best glamping sites in East Java, and the best free tourism destinations in Surabaya.

In flash news, East Java became the most popular province for domestic tourism destinations in 2023 based on data released by the Statistics Indonesia (BPS). According to the BPS data, there were a total of 207.81 million domestic tourists in East Java in 2023. This is 25% of the total number of domestic tourism trips in that year. Read more here.

Foreigners working from the popular Indonesian tourist destination like Bali must hold proper visas. Authorities have emphasised how they will not tolerate those who flout the rules, amid recent news of travellers misbehaving on the island. Read more here.

In conclusion, we wish you a joyful and restful long weekend. Stay well and keep smiling!

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