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Why You Must Stay at Hotel Savoy Homann

As one of the hotels that has been established before Indonesia’s independence, Hotel Savoy Homann is certainly a very special

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Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Bandung

Have a holiday in Bandung with your whole family can be a real pleasure when you properly manage your itinerary.

13 Best Hotels in Bandung for Staycation

Staycation in Bandung ? For its proximity, Bandung still tops the list as as a favored weekend getaway destination for many Jakartans.

9 Best Pizza Places in Bandung

As expected from Bandung, everything is about being creative, even when it comes to food. Try a fresh experience of

8 Best Boutique Hotels in Bandung

Bandung city has always offered a unique and creative experience for many travelers. These days, the experience can be elevated

Why You Must Live In Kota Baru Parahyangan

Having a house in the best place is, of course, everyone’s dream. Strategic location, comfortable environment, and beautiful home design,

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