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A Day in West Surabaya: One Day, Many Experiences whanna

Explore the heart of West Surabaya with a day filled with diverse experiences.

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The Best Helicopter Services in Bali: Soaring Adventures in Paradise

Here's a curated list of the best helicopter services in Bali, each offering a distinct and exhilarating flying experience.
Things to Do During Eid Holiday in Bandung

This year we can all celebrate Eid al-Fitr more freely. Bandung will certainly be one of the favorite destinations during this long holiday. To help you make a list of what to do, check out our guide about things to do during the Eid holiday in Bandung.

Ngabuburit Ideas in Bandung
In Ramadan month, adzan maghrib (evening call to pray) is something that is eagerly awaited as a sign of the time to break the fast. That’s why Muslims usually do certain activities to wait for the moment (ngabuburiI).
Best Board Game Cafes in Bandung

Gaming could benefit positively for mental health when it is used with a b

Best Sunrise Spots in Bandung

Sunrise is the time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives.


Prepare your drone from your back pocket and start buzzing around Bali’s cinematic beaches volcanoes, and rice fields. Of course, after you are fully aware of the rules and guides to flying drones in Bali. Happy hunting and get ready to be amused.

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