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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Bali

Nearing the end of October is the time for both children and adults to get dressed up and go trick-or-treating in time for Halloween! Due to tourism and significant Western influence, Halloween has become one of the most anticipated days in Bali in the last decade.

Clubs, restaurants, and hotels have lined up activities and getting into the Halloween spirit, hosting costume parties and awarding millions of Rupiah worth of prizes for the scariest costume. 

14 Places to Enjoy Balinese Dances in Bali

One of the riches of Indonesia that should not be missed when traveling here are the traditional dances. Each region has its own dances, and they carry their own meanings. In Bali alone, there are numerous dances. UNESCO recognizes three genres of traditional dance in Bali, Indonesia, as intangible cultural heritage. These three genres include Wali (sacred dances), Bebali (semi-sacred dances), and Balih-balihan (dances for entertainment purposes). You can witness these dances in temples or during special occasions.

Pink October in Bali

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held every October and is commonly referred to as Pink October.

In order to raise money and increase awareness throughout the whole month, there are many ways to help. In this list, you may find the events and deals to participate in and support the cause.

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