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Where Should We Stay in Bali?

“Where Should We Stay in Bali?”

I am often asked a lot by friends or acquaintances especially when it’s near holiday season. And my answers can be vary; really depending on what you like, who you’re travelling with, what are you looking for in this trip. A family getaway, a culinary trip, or maybe rave parties?

So to make it easy for everyone to share, here are some of my recommendations ~ Deisy Wong Will, Founder of What’s New Indonesia 

10 Best Stylish Budget Hotels in Bandung

Apart from its tourist attractions and shopping spots, budget stylish hotels are one of the many reasons to visit Bandung. Looking for the best ones? Here is the list of stylish budget hotels in Bandung which offer not only a comfortable stay but also please the eyes.

10 Best Villas In Bandung

Villa could be the best choice if you’d like to have a gathering or staycation with your whole family in Bandung. With so many villas in the city, we picked 10 of them with stylish and modern concepts, as well as equipped with complete facilities.

Best Hotels in Bandung for Staycation

Staycation in Bandung? For its proximity, Bandung still tops the list as a favored weekend getaway destination for many Jakartans. Here are our recommendations for the best places for a weekend getaway in Bandung

Best New Year Staycation Deals in Jakarta

Some people are happy to spend the New Year celebration at home, but for most, they usually come with the idea of planning the staycation with their loved ones. Let’s bid farewell to 2022 and say hello to 2023 with a short getaway in town with these best staycation deals you can get in Jakarta.


Known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bandung is actually a promising city as well. The city offers many career and business opportunities for expats. When you’re considering to move and have a long stay in Bandung, here are the best residential areas which are pretty convenient for expat to start a new life.

5 Best Serviced Apartments in Surabaya


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