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Bandung City Travel Guide: Explore, Discover, Enjoy!

Discover the essence of Bandung, Indonesia, through this all-encompassing travel guide. Unearth vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling adventures in this captivating city. Explore must-visit landmarks, savor delectable cuisine, embark on outdoor escapades, and shop at hidden gems. Let Bandung City be your unforgettable destination.

Best Dining Places on Dago Street

Dago Street will never run out of dining options.

12 Nature Destinations in Bandung

In addition to its appealing urban attractions, Bandung also beckons natur

Best Late Night Culinary Destinations in Bandung

A culinary journey in Bandung is never-ending, given the wide range of opt

Best Shopping Centres In Bandung

Known for its stylish allure and diverse retail landscape, Bandung offers

Where To Celebrate Halloween In Bandung

For those of you looking to celebrate Halloween this year, there are several places

Best Cafes around Asia Afrika Street

Asia Afrika Street is a bustling and iconic thoroughfare that captures the

The Gempol Dining Guide

Gempol is an area that is famous for its unique market area.

Best Shisha Cafes and Lounges in Bandung

Even though it's not as hyped as it was years ago, Bandung still offers sp

The Top Poundfit Studios in Bandung

Poundfit is a fitness program that combines exercise with the exhilarating experienc

Best Hotels around Pasteur Toll Gate

If you are seeking a great hotel with easy access, located near the Pasteu

Where to Get Breast Cancer Screening in Bandung

Throughout the entire month of October, we are running the Pink October campaign to

Where to Eat at Paskal Hyper Square

One of the most visited areas by tourists and locals, Paskal Hyper Square