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Top 5 Artisan Chocolates in Bandung, Best Gift for Your Love One!

5 Artisan Chocolate In Bandung

Chocolate will always be a special gift for your favorite one. In Bandung, there are only a few places that make artisan chocolate. So, let's check out the following recommendations for artisan chocolate places in Bandung.

1. Briiz Chocolate

Brizz Chocolate
Pave Chocolate from Briiz Chocolate

With the ambition to be the number one chocolate maker in West Java, Briiz Chocolate successfully exports their products up to South Korea. Their products vary from dark chocolate bars to chocolate couverture. You can also visit the cafe to taste the combination of chocolate with cakes and cookies.

Briiz Chocolate Cafe Palasari
Jl. Palasari No.2, Bandung

2. Dapur Cokelat - Tikukur

Dapur Cokelat
Two Seasons by Dapur Cokelat Bandung

Dapur Cokelat’s special cakes and pastries won’t disappoint you with their chocolate flavors! They are also constantly evolving with innovative products to serve healthier snacks made with chocolate. Besides, their ice chocolate could be a choice to taste their chocolate instead of eating it.

Dapur Cokelat
Jl. Tikukur No.1, Bandung

3. Liodi Chocolatier

Almond Chocolate
Almond Chocolate by Liodi Chocolatier

How about tasting chocolate in ice cream form made by artisan chocolatiers? Because Liodi Chocolatier has it on their menu! Besides ice cream, their nama chocolate is worth trying because of their smooth, clean, and rich taste. 

Liodi Chocolatier
Jl. Prof Eyckman No.28, Bandung

4. Toko Coklat

Toko Coklat
Valentine Edition by Toko Coklat

Visit the shop and try their seating, a great place for contemplation! Especially accompanied by their chocolate menu like ice cream waffles, a cup of dark chocolate, and various chocolate cakes. Besides chocolate, you can also order non-chocolate meals here. 

Toko Coklat
Jl. Cimanuk No.5, Bandung

5. D’Lanier Artisan Chocolate

D’Lanier Artisan Chocolate
Valentine Gift by D’Lanier Artisan Chocolate

First established in Bandung, D’Lanier has been one of the artisan chocolatiers that spread widely across Indonesia. Their products vary, even providing vegan series. Their products are also available in online markets place.

D’Lanier Artisan Chocolate
Jl. Holis Regency No.61, Bandung