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Best All You Can Eat Restaurants Under IDR 200K in Bandung

Best All You Can Eat Restaurants Under IDR 200K in Bandung

Bandung always spoils us with a long list of affordable dining places. This time, we're so pleased to let you know the city's best all-you-can-eat buffet under IDR 200,000,-. (Price might be changed without our notice)

All You Can Eat Murah Di Bandung

1. Flaming Pots Boil & Grill

FLaming Pots

This all-you-can-eat restaurant is famous for its delicious and fresh taste. In addition, there are many choices of meat, vegetables and suki. Besides delicious food, Flaming Pots also has a spacious and clean place. Here you will be given 120 minutes to enjoy the buffet.

Flaming Pots Boil & Grill
Start from 149,9K++
Jl. Sukajadi No.193, Bandung
P: (022) 2036755

2. Fogo Brazilian BBQ

Photo by kulinerkokouni

Fogo Brazilian BBQ is all you can eat restaurant that offers a special menu of Brazilian BBQ meat. With a price of IDR 125,000 per person, you can enjoy as delicious bbq meat style as you like. Here you will be given 60 minutes to refill the main menu such as sirloin, rump, chicken, belly, and sausage. Apart from having a distinctly Brazilian taste, Fogo also comes with a nice place decoration and cozy vibes.

Fogo Brazilian BBQ
Start from 125K++
Jl. Ciliwung No.1, Bandung
P: 0813-9555-1599

3. Go-Grill-ah!

Go Grill Ah

GoGrill-ah is the right choice for those of you who want to grill as much as you like but have a limited budget. There are quite a number of menu choices, such as Sweet Honey Garlic Low Fat Beef, Sweet Volcano Low Fat Beef and Black Pepper Tasty Beef. A comfortable and spacious place makes this place suitable for visiting with family or friends.

Start from 110K++
Jl. Cihampelas No.60, Bandung
P: 0859-3322-3316

4. Ikugo Grill and Hotpot


Ikugo Grill and Hotpot provides a Grill and Hotpot package menu at very affordable prices. The choice of grilled meat here is very diverse, including wagyu and saikoro. The choice of hotpot is no less diverse, various kinds of seafood meatballs are here. Apart from that, there is also a complete buffet menu as well as various Korean desserts and drinks that you can try.

Ikugo Grill and Hotpot
Start from 98K++
Cihampelas Walk, Broadway SL - 09
P: 0811-2200-085

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5. Oharang


If you want to try all-you-can-eat bbq with vibes like in Korean movies, Oharang could be the right choice. Here there are four choices of menu packages ranging from Chicken Dinner, Premium, Premium Plus, to Supreme. Even though the price is quite affordable, the taste and quality of the meat are excellent. Besides all-you-can-eat beef, here you can also order Korean-style suki, namely Budae-Jjigae.

Start from 79,9K++
Jl. Purnawarman No.2, Bandung

6. Shabu Suki

Shabu Suki

This restaurant has a spacious, comfortable place, and will make you feel at home. Here there is an all-you-can-eat menu with various categories ranging from Regular, US Premium, to Wagyu+. The choice of suki is also very diverse here. In addition to its diverse and delicious menu, Shabu Suki also has a service that is known to be friendly and fast.

Shabu Suki
Start from 130K++
Jl. Diponegoro No.38, Bandung
P: (022) 20506789

7. Shukaku Bbq, Shabu, & Agemono


Shukaku BBQ, Shabu & Agemono have been recognized as affordable all you can eat restaurants with satisfying service. Moreover, the beautiful place decoration will make you more comfortable when enjoying your food here. Here there is an all you can eat buffet package starting from IDR 99,000 per person. Interestingly, you will not be charged an additional charge if there are leftovers.

Shukaku Bbq, Shabu, & Agemono
Start from 99K++
Jl. Lombok No.45, Bandung
P: 0812-2435-4504

8. Sumeragi Izakaya


This spacious and comfortable restaurant with a Japanese-inspired concept provides barbecue, shabu, sushi and various side dishes. In total there are 100 dished that you can enjoy here. After you finish, you can take photos wearing a kimono complete with accessories that are lent for free.

Sumeragi Izakaya
Start from 99K++
Jl. LLRE Martadinata No.55, Bandung