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Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Hey there, fellow tea aficionados! If you're on the lookout for the perfect tea sanctuary in Bandung, look no further. We've scoured the city to bring you the ultimate list of Bandung's top tea houses that promise not only the finest brews but also cozy vibes and delightful nibbles. So, grab your favourite mug and let's embark on a tea adventure like no other!

Bandung's Top Tea Houses / Top Tea House di Bandung

1. Teabumi Tea House

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Looking for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle? Teabumi Tea House is your go-to spot. Picture this: soft music, comfy cushions, and the aroma of freshly brewed jasmine tea wafting through the air. This oasis is famous for its traditional Indonesian teas, perfect for soothing your soul. And don't forget to pair your cuppa with some crispy fried bananas or fluffy Indonesian cakes for the ultimate treat.

Teabumi Tea House
Jl. Pajajaran No.72, Bandung
P: 0895-0804-5454

2. Teapotto

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Step into Teapotto and prepare to be embraced by warmth and hospitality. This cozy nook is where friends gather for heart-to-heart chats over steaming cups of milk tea. Their signature blends are a must-try, offering a creamy indulgence that hits all the right spots. And while you're here, why not treat yourself to their famous mille crepe? Trust us, it's the perfect complement to your tea-sipping experience.

Jl. Bengawan No.25, Bandung
P: 0857-0338-4348

3. Edelweiss Tea & Coffee House

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Nestled in the serene Ciumbuleuit, Edelweiss Tea & Coffee House welcomes you with its charming blend of vintage charm and modern flair. Lose yourself in the comforting embrace of their herbal teas, each sip is a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. And when hunger strikes, fear not – their menu boasts an array of light bites, from crisp salads to savory sandwiches, ensuring that your tea time is nothing short of delightful.

Edelweiss Tea & Coffee House
Jl. Neglasari Dalam No.7, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung
P: 0851-7434-0078

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4. Gajua Teh

Bright, bold, and bursting with flavour – that's Gajua Teh in a nutshell. This vibrant tea house is known for its eclectic mix of fruit teas, each sip is a burst of tropical goodness. From mango to passion fruit, the options are endless. And to make your tea experience even more memorable, indulge in some of their delectable sides, like tangy fruit tarts or crispy chicken wings. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you later.

Gajua Teh
Jl. Cigadung Selatan No.32, Bandung

5. The Rosel Tea House

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Transport yourself to an enchanting English garden at The Rosel Tea House, where elegance meets tranquillity. Here, it's all about the classics – think Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and oolong teas served in delicate china cups. And what's tea without some scrumptious accompaniments? Treat yourself to freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, or indulge in dainty finger sandwiches and pastries fit for royalty.

The Rosel Tea House
Jl. Sukaati Permai IV No.8, Pasirluyu, Bandung

6. Bosscha Space

Bandung's Top Tea Houses

Last but certainly not least, we have Bosscha Space – the epitome of cool and contemporary. This trendy tea spot is where style meets substance, offering a curated selection of green teas that are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious. They use the famous Teh Walini —a high-quality product among tea brands. And because no tea session is complete without something sweet, be sure to sample their artisanal desserts, from velvety cheesecakes to indulgent chocolate truffles. It's the perfect ending to a tea-filled adventure!

Bosscha Space
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 92, Bandung