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Bandung New Tables: November 2023

Bandung New Table: November 2023

New month, new places to visit! Bandung will never run out of options for hangouts, dining, and more. You may recognize a few names here, but they are ready to surprise you with their new face as they unveil new branches. Don't miss out on these new tables; go explore!

Bandung New Tables: November 2023 / Cafe dan Resto Baru di Bandung November 2023

1.Kanoko Coffee Cempaka

photo by instagram @acaffeinman

After being open for four years, Kanoko Coffee has now opened a new branch on Cempaka Street. With its contemporary fusion cuisine rooted in home tradition and infused with Japanese-inspired concepts, this new branch creates a warm and homey ambiance within its premises.

Kanoko Coffee Cempaka
Jl. Taman Cemp. No.6, Bandung

2. Warung Kopi Modjok 

warkop modjok
photo by instagram @acaffeinman

Warung Kopi Modjok, the popular coffee shop known for its cozy atmosphere, nestled in a quiet area, and featuring numerous resident cats, has now relocated to a new venue. The new location is not too far from the previous one, ensuring it retains the same ambiance and vibes, but with a more spacious area. Additionally, they have introduced a secret garden on the premises where patrons can enjoy feeding the resident rabbits.

Warung Kopi Modjok
Jl. Sersan Bajuri No.111, Bandung

3. Jabarano Coffee Braga

photo by instagram @hangout.oi

Jabarano Coffee has expanded its presence to Braga Street. The new store is now complete with a fresh menu, featuring additions like Burnt Cheesecake and more. The spacious area is divided into indoor and outdoor sections, with the indoor area boasting a high ceiling.

Jabarano Coffee Braga
Jl. Braga No.15, Bandung
P: 082122305758

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4. Coffee Bawa Studio

coffee bawa
photo by instagram @acaffeinman

A collaboration between Coffee Bawa and the renowned architects in Bandung, Dendy and Darman, has given rise to a coffee shop that doubles as a creative hub. It features a unique and charming concept within Coffee Bawa Studio, and inside the premises, there's also a DFO store. This store sells products that have resulted from collaborations between the studio team and local craftsmen in the vicinity.

Coffee Bawa Studio
Jl. Kebon Bibit Tengah No. 11B, Bandung

5. Yumaju Coffee 

photo by instagram @elfqinkopi

Nestled in a classic building, Yumaju Coffee proudly presents its new branch. Serving great coffee as always, in an adaptive reuse concept, beautified with a modern contemporary ambiance and touches of Bauhaus ornament. It's a perfect place to work, hang out, or simply chill and enjoy the moment.

Yumaju Coffee 
Jl. Nawawi No.14, Bandung
P:  0896-0408-4400