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8 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bandung

8 Best Fine Dining in Bandung

There are always special occasions that call for an excellent dining experience to celebrate. Whether you have a passion for fine foods or wish to commemorate a special event with a loved one, elevate your culinary journey at the finest establishments in Bandung. These top-notch fine dining restaurants assure you an unforgettable experience, transforming your special occasions into cherished memories.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bandung / Restoran Mewah Terbaik di Bandung



Joongla, a distinctive fine dining establishment, has recently relocated, bringing forth a fresh and innovative approach to the fine dining experience. Despite the change in location, the intimate setting is preserved, with a limited eight seats available per session, exclusively open on Fridays through Sundays, highlighting the importance of making reservations in advance. Offering a modern twist on Indonesian gastronomy, Joongla promises a delightful journey for those with a penchant for unique and fusion cuisine.

LLRE Martadinata St, Citarum, Bandung

2. Jung Chan Dining

jung chan dining
photo by instagram @jungchan_dining

Jung Chan Dining is the first Korean fine dining restaurant in Indonesia. What sets this restaurant apart is its specialization in fermented ingredients, a key component in many Korean dishes. Don't forget to make a reservation, as there are only six seats available. The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday, serving dinner exclusively.

Jung Chan Dining
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur No.76E, Bandung
P:  0881-8181-888

3. MMBS Restaurant


Mari Merangkai Bunga Seroja (MMBS) Restaurant offers modern Sundanese fine dining. Serving delectable and unique dishes in a cozy restaurant located in a humble alleyway, it provides seating for 16 guests. Additionally, they have a pay-as-you-wish system. This month, they are featuring a special menu edition with Betawinese dishes available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

MMBS Restaurant
Jl. Pelesiran No.28, Bandung

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4. Plataran Bandung


Plataran Bandung boasts a luxurious interior, positioning itself as a fine dining restaurant that offers a diverse selection of curated international heritage cuisines, creating an elegant dining ambiance. The concept revolves around an Intimate royal homey dining experience, complemented by Plataran's commitment to high service excellence standards.

Plataran Bandung
Jl. Diponegoro No.27, Bandung
P:  0811-1992-2132

5. Altero Bistronomi

photo by instagram @alterobistronomie

A laid-back, modern dining establishment, Alteri Bistronomi offers elevated interpretations of classic cuisine. Embodying the classic European restaurant ambiance, the establishment features rich wooden elements, flooring, and tiny curtains dividing booth-like tables. Renowned for its undeniably excellent food, Alteri Bistronomi stands out as the perfect choice for a romantic dining experience.

Alteri Bistronomi
Jl. Cipaganti No.38, Bandung
P: 0821-2122-8500

6. The 18th Restaurant & Lounge

the 18th

Nestled in a stunning rooftop setting, The 18th Restaurant & Lounge not only offers exceptional cuisine but also presents a breathtaking view that enhances the dining experience. Specializing in premium steak and grill selections, the restaurant takes pride in its hand-crafted cocktails and an exclusive array of imported wines. The harmonious blend of delectable flavors, top-notch service, and a captivating ambiance ensures that patrons indulge in a truly unforgettable dining affair.

The 18th Restaurant & Lounge
Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289, Bandung
P:  (022) 84288288

7. Monomono


As you explore the best dining experiences in Bandung, don't miss Monomono. This restaurant specializes in the Nikkei concept, offering a fusion menu that combines Japanese and Peruvian influences along with Argentinian Grill, contributing to the diverse culinary landscape of the city. To elevate your experience, extend your visit to Monomono Now Bar, where you can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails that perfectly complement the delectable food offerings.

Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No.430, Bandung
P:  0811-2110-1283

8. Cerita Meja Makan

cerita meja makan
photo by instagram @cerita_mejamakan

Cerita Meja Makan stands out with its unique concept that sets it apart from the rest. Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as Chef Ronny Gunawan crafts an omakase dessert like no other. In addition to their signature delights, Cerita Meja Makan also tantalizes your palate with savory desserts and mouthwatering main courses to satisfy all your cravings. 

Cerita Meja Makan
64, Talaga Bodas, Bandung