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Profile of the Month: Philip James Barnes, Country General Manager of Ascott Indonesia wstallone

Philip James Barnes brings over a decade of dedicated service and expertise to his new rol


Yanti Subianto Zorlu as Co-founder and CMO of Turkuaz Group – Turkuaz, Warung Turki and Abang Turki

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Yanti Subianto Zorlu. She is an inspiring entrepreneur who has made significant strides in Jakarta's fast-evolving culinary scene
Profile of The Month: Agustin Ling Ling, DOSM of eL Hotel Bandung

During our insightful conversation with Agustin Ling Ling, Director of Sal

Profile of The Month: Nurdini Prihastiti of Dama Kara

On the occasional event celebrating International Women's Day, we chatted

At the Heart of Henshin: The Driving Forces behind the Best Nikkei Cuisine Restaurant in Jakarta
Diana Matute, Joaquin Ortiz, and Margaret Hanna are the driving forces behind Henshin. They put the craftsmanship and their work ethics that turn Henshin consistently becomes the one-stop destination for dining and nightlife in Jakarta
Profile of The Month: Lukman Hakim, Executive Sous Chef at Raffles Jakarta

Check out our exclusive interview with Chef Lukman Hakim as he shares more about his background, his experience, and his strategy to make Raffles Jakarta be the forefront of the culinary scene in Jakarta.

Profile of the Month: Harald Fitzek, General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

The exclusive interview with the newly appointed General Manager who will bring a new standard and what he wants people to see of refined hospitality shrouded with a heritage value in Indonesia’s vibrant capital

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