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Things to Do to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Bandung

Recognizing the pivotal role mothers play in our lives, it's essential to make Mother's Day truly special. Treat your beloved mother to a day filled with joy and appreciation with these thoughtful ideas in Bandung.
Fun Activities You Can Do in Bandung
So, dive into the excitement, embrace the fun, and create lasting experiences in this vibrant city from these recommended fun activities you can do in Bandung.
11 Best Dessert Shops in Bandung
Indulging your sweet cravings in Bandung is an adventure in itself, with a myriad of dessert shops waiting to be explored.
Ultimate Braga Dining Guide

As one of the go-to spots in town, Braga never fails to impress with its d

The Recommended Coffee Shops in Dago

Being one of the busiest streets in Bandung, Dago is home to numerous coffee shops that have sprung up over time. Thanks to skilled local coffee brewers and roasters, the coffee scene in this area has thrived. Some of these coffee shops are tucked away in hidden locations, yet they continue to draw in many customers due to their excellent coffee and inviting atmosphere. To ensure you have the best experience, here are some of the top coffee shops in Dago that you must try.

Best Iftar Deals in Bandung

In the holy month of Ramadan, it’s time to start planning for your Iftar dinners for the month. Hotel buffets are perfect for spending some quality time with your family and friends over a flavourful feast of your favorite international and Indonesian cuisines.

8 Best Local Fried Chickens in Bandung

Fried chicken will always be a favorite guilty pleasure for Indonesians.

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