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Hidden Away: Warung Pak Chandra Serves Indonesian-Thai Delights on the Plate

Among its recent sensations is Warung Pak Chandra. This establishment has quickly captured the attention of food enthusiasts.
Hidden Away: Bakmie Tjo Kin Brings Bandung's Love to Jakarta's Culinary Scene

The Blok M area in Jakarta, is renowned for its vast array of eateries, ranging from stree

Hidden Away: Babi Tong - A High Step to Find Delicious Smoked Pork wstallone

Sometimes, you just want to discover hidden spots opposite from your usual brunch hotspots

Hidden Away: Culinary Escape to the Heart of Java at Bebek Perdikan
Walking past the dead-end of Gang Susu Street might be a little tricky for a few minutes but at the end of the street, that's where Bebek Perdikan lies beyond the wall
Hidden Away: SINKE 316 Whips Up Flavourful Hokkien-Style Noodles in Kemang
SIN KE 316 is a gem worth visiting and trying. The eatery is quite tricky. With an address smack in the middle of the Kemang area that is overgrown with many dining spots, SINKE 316 could be way overlooked
Hidden Away: The Wilson's Lane - The Quiet Spot to Hide and Dine in Menteng

When you think the Menteng area is too packed for more coffee shops or cafes, you really have no idea. The Wilson's Lane is tucked away among one of the quiet streets and residential houses in Menteng, hidden from the main road where you’ll find a harmonious blend of old and new vibes under one roof.

Hidden Away: Tjap 1000 Tahun is Where Your Cravings for Chinese-Style Noodles Fulfilled in South Jakarta

Enclaved in the residential area around Senopati, Tjap 1000 Tahun's facade really stands out. The white block structure easily captures the eyes by injecting jade color and minimalism concepts to blend old-school and modern feels.

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