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The Gaia Hotel Bandung Celebrates the Success of its First Active Wellness Retreat wtagor

The Gaia Hotel Bandung is thrilled to share its successful inaugural Active Wellness

Health and Wellness Hotel

The Best Places to Spa in Bandung

Looking for a slice of relaxation heaven in Bandung? You’re in for a treat! Here's your go-to guide for the best spa in Bandung where you can pamper yourself.
A Relaxing Journal: Our Spa Experience at Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing The Gaia Hotel Bandung’s newest addition, the Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa.
Active Wellness Retreat at The Gaia Hotel Bandung
Join Gaia Active Wellness Retreat for a time to focus on your Fitness, Nutrition, and Rest, all in the serenity, nature, and comfort at The Gaia Hotel Bandung.
Ramadan Buffet at The Gaia Hotel Bandung
The Gaia Hotel Bandung presents a Nusantara menu during the Ramadan buffet at Semeja Asian Kitchen. Throughout this special Ramadan month, various choices of authentic Nusantara dishes are available to delight the guests' palates.
The Gaia Hotel Bandung - Corporate Gathering with Erwin Parengkuan

On February 16, 2024, Gaia Hotel Bandung held a Corporate Gathering with motivator Erwin Parengkuan. In this session, Erwin discussed about being the best leader with the right mindset. All participants were encouraged to believe in themselves without prioritizing ego in growing their businesses. This 3-hour event successfully inspired all attendees.

Kitchen Duet : Bringing Together the Flavors of Nikkei and Argentina wtagor

Monomono, a Nikkei-styled restaurant located at The Gaia Hotel Bandung, offers a special d

Dine and Drink
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