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Best Wine Bars and Lounges in Bali

Recently Bali has more and more to offer on wine selection from around the world and also with more competitive pricing. Here are some our favourite wine bars in Bali for you to enjoy. 

Best Wine Bars and Lounges in Bali


VIN+ Seminyak Bali

Sip in Style: Bali's Best Cocktail Bars

We all have had our “one too many drinks” in some of Bali’s vibrating bars, but which one of them are actually the best bars on the island?Here are some of our favourite bars in Bali, not only for gulping down those Bintangs, but places to sip margaritas, delicious craft cocktails, beautiful wines and imported beers on a Bali’s night out.

Best Live Music Venues in Bali

We’ve had our fair share of electrifying beats and tunes on Bali’s nightlife scene.

This time, let’s check a few hot spots that feature live music, with great local and international regular bands. The following selections are the most mentioned when you ask for the best live music spots in Bali, as they feature the island’s most talented singers, duets, and bands playing all kinds of genres from Jazz, R&B, Latin, to Top 40.

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