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Newsletter: Preview of Ramadan Iftar Promotions and Deals

Newsletter: Preview of Ramadan Iftar Promotions and Deals

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As the sacred month of Ramadan approaches in a few weeks, anticipation builds for the joyous tradition of iftar. Hotels in Jakarta are already teasing the Ramadan promotions and deals to welcome guests for a memorable Iftar experience. Here are some of the exclusive sneak peeks of the best Ramadan Iftar in Jakarta. Please browse here to find out more Ramadan deals and promotions as we will keep updating regularly.

The bustling and vibrant cities of Jakarta and Surabaya, where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwine, are also adorned with vibrant nightlife scenes. Discerning individuals can find an array of refined cigar bars to elevate their evening experience. To set the stage for memorable moments of indulgence, here, we profile the best cigar bars and lounges in Jakarta and Surabaya.

The excitement of hunting for delicious food like bakso (meatballs) in Jakarta is everyone's best-kept thing to do. This time, we highlight Warung Jajan Qiut’s Bakso Jenggot for our Hidden Away article. We traced the elite residential area to find the eatery everyone loves. Read our full review here and watch the video review here.

For Bali, we bring out the best of the best in Ubud. Starts from the best fine dining restaurants, the best sunset spots, and where to dine, drink, play, and pose in the serene Ubud. Don't miss reading our cultural article as we highlight Sacred Beginnings: The Significance of Magedong-Gedongan Pregnancy Ceremony this week.

For Bandung, we have the best affordable restaurants for iftar, the best local takjil, and the best places for ngabuburit.

For Surabaya, we also have the best family restaurants, the best places to find Mexican food, and the best supermarkets for grocery shopping.

COMO Shambhala Kitchen is indeed a core component of the COMO Shambhala wellness brand, emphasizing a holistic approach to healthy eating. COMO Shambhala Kitchen emphasises whole foods. Dishes are low in sugar, salt and free of artificial additives. Recipes are developed to support various wellness intentions. Read more about the expansion of COMO Shambhala Kitchen here.

Garuda Indonesia officially operates the Pikachu Jet GA-1 thematic livery aircraft. This aircraft is a collaboration between Garuda Indonesia and The Pokémon Company. This aircraft made its first flight last Friday, 23 February 2024. Click here to see the unveiling video.

Meanwhile, tourists are advised to bring US$417 of cash to enter Thailand. This rule applies to all tourists from around the globe, including Indonesia. Immigration officers will do a randomized check at times but tourists are urged to comply with the policy. Click here to read the full story.

To close the newsletter, we wish a very productive and fruitful week ahead. Thank you for reading.

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