Newsletter: Best Fun Activities and Things to Do with Kids

Best Fun Activities and Things to Do with Kids

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Not only adults, but kids also deserve spare time to enjoy fun activities and new experiences that the entire family will remember for a lifetime. There is an endless amount of exciting things to do with kids. Read on for all the awesome things to do with them in Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung, and put them on every family’s bucket list!

Check also the best playgrounds in Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung, to keep entertaining them and playing around with fellow kids.

Shopping for a fancy dress can be a lot of fun. But it can also come with a hefty price tag, time, and energy. Let's face it, most of these dresses would probably be worn only once – or twice at the maximum. Well, how about we rent them? We have rounded up a few boutiques that offer a variety of dresses to rent in Jakarta.

This year, Nyepi (Day of Silence) will fall on March 22nd, and if staying at home is not an option, we’ve rounded up the best places to stay across Bali. Have a peaceful stay. Don't forget to check out our Nyepi Deals Page too.

As you may have heard, Dimas The Meat Guy, the viral meat lovers content creator on social media just opened a steakhouse restaurant. Yes, we visited Meatguy Steakhouse and experienced an exceptional dining experience last week. Read our full review here.

There are many exciting upcoming events in Jakarta. From exhibitions to music concerts, we have the list just for you as we will keep it updated regularly. Check our page to find out. 

After all, fulfill your dreams and celebrate life to the max! Have a great week ahead!