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Newsletter: The Best Bars 2024 List | Join Friends of What's New Jakarta Fun Meet-up at Warung Turki

Newsletter: The Best Bars 2024 List | Join Friends of What's New Jakarta Fun Meet-up at Warung Turki

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We know there are dozens of bars that scatter around in your area, hopping them one by one is quite a stretch. To save your time, here are our top picks for the best bars in Jakarta in 2024. From the best bars, and the best speakeasy bars, to the best rooftop bars, we've got you covered.

Bali is no exception, the island's cocktail bar scene is booming, with an increasing number of establishments specializing in high-quality, expertly crafted cocktails. Check out our best cocktail bars, the best cocktail bars in Ubud, the best sunset bars, the best sports bars, and the best unique bars.

For Bali's cultural article, we highlight The Philosophy of ‘Paon’ in Balinese Homes, which holds significant philosophical and cultural value within the Balinese Hindu community. Read more here.

For Bandung, we have the best bars in Bandung and the best bars in Gudang Selatan Bandung area. And for Surabaya, here's the best bars and wine lounges list in the city.

Don't miss out! On Friday, 31st of May, join us for an exclusive evening of networking and fun at the Friends of What's New Jakarta Fun Meet-Up at Warung Turki! Indulge in a night filled with business connections, new friendships, and delightful moments. This event welcomes both locals and expats for an unforgettable experience. Click here for the full information.

JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya is delighted to unveil an exceptional "Wellness Retreat" in partnership with COMO Shambhala Estate on June 8th and 9th 2024. This exclusive event promises a transformative journey towards rejuvenation and well-being, coinciding with the celebration of Global Wellness Day. Read more here for more information and how to join the event.

Set amidst the rolling hills of the Chianti wine region, COMO Castello Del Nero beautifully blends timeless Italian elegance with modern luxury. This expansive 740-acre estate in Tuscany has invited travellers to immerse themselves in a unique fusion of historical charm and contemporary comfort. Read more here.

Indonesia has greatly improved in tourism development with its new ranking being second only to close neighbour Singapore among ASEAN members. The index measures factors and policies related to how a country develops its travel and tourism sector. Read more here.

Meanwhile, one passenger died and 71 people were injured when their Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence last week. The Boeing 777-300ER was about 10 hours into its flight and midway through meal service when it hit turbulence. read more here.

To close this week's newsletter, we hope you have a wonderful week ahead. May your week be filled with joy, success, and memorable moments.

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