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de Braga by ARTOTEL Presents Central & East Java Culinary Journey with "Semesta Daharan"

de Braga by ARTOTEL

In May 2024, Artotel Group is delighted to present a new selection of menus celebrating the rich tapestry of Indonesian cuisine. Aligned with the "Jelajah Nusantara" (Nusantara Exploration) program, Artotel Group, in collaboration with de Braga by Artotel, aims to rekindle the love for exotic Indonesian dishes.

This month, Artotel Wanderlust introduces the "Semesta Daharan" concept, spotlighting the culinary traditions of Central and East Java. This initiative, part of the Nusantara Exploration series, offers special promotions across all Artotel hotels in Indonesia. Guests can indulge in the unique flavors of Central and East Java, available at the B 10 City Terrace Café on the ground floor of de Braga by ARTOTEL. The menu includes the following selections:

de Braga by ARTOTEL


  • Udang Bakar: Accompanied by rice and vegetables, priced at IDR 125,000 net.
  • Tumisan Sari Laut: A mix of bamboo clams, simping clams, squid, and fresh prawns, priced at IDR 110,000 net.
  • Rawon Iga: A classic East Javanese dish featuring tender grilled short ribs, priced at IDR 135,000 net.
  • Salmon Bumbu Rujak: Salmon combined with a fresh rujak chili sauce, priced at IDR 125,000 net.
  • Wedang Teh Wasgithel: A traditional sweet and thick tea, priced at IDR 35,000 net.
  • Adon-Adon Coro: A unique beverage from Jepara, priced at IDR 35,000 net.

These offerings aim not only to delight guests and the general public but also to support the preservation of Indonesian culture by integrating it into our daily lives. The dishes can be enjoyed on-site or ordered as takeaways for enjoyment at home.

de Braga by ARTOTEL


Reza Farhan, General Manager of de Braga by ARTOTEL, emphasized the significance of these culinary experiences. "Indonesian food and beverages are not only delightful to savor but also serve as a medium to share the cultural history of Indonesia. They can also soothe the nostalgia of visitors, especially those from Central and East Java."

Artotel Group invites everyone to embark on this culinary journey, exploring and appreciating the diverse and rich flavors that Indonesian cuisine has to offer.

de Braga by ARTOTEL
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