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Pamor: Your Go-To Spot for Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in Bandung

Pamor Bandung

Finally, the wait is over! Pamor, the Indonesian restaurant serving up delightful dishes from across the archipelago, has opened its doors. Nestled at Jl. LLRE Martadinata no 125 in the heart of Bandung, right next to Karnivor, Pamor promises a culinary journey through the rich flavors of Indonesia.

At Pamor, you can expect a menu brimming with warmth and richness, showcasing the diverse culinary heritage of the nation. From hearty classics to unique delicacies, there's something for everyone to savor.

Pamor Bandung

Menus Selection

Let's dive into some of their standout offerings:

1. Nasi Bakul 2 Rasa

Indulge in a flavorful combination of cumi cabe hijau cakalang and aromatic nasi liwet topped with pete. We also ordered the one with dendeng ragi topping. Perfect for sharing with family and friends!

2. Gurame Garing Telur Asin

Treat yourself to a generous serving of crispy gurame fish paired with creamy savory salted egg.

3. Ayam Tangkap Aceh

Experience the bold flavors of Acehnese cuisine with tender ayam tangkap accompanied by sambel goang with a hint of ebi.

4. Pindang Ikan Palembang

Savor the tangy and spicy broth of pindang ikan Palembang, featuring tender fish pieces.

5. Terong Goreng Garing

A must-try favorite! Enjoy the perfect balance of soft interior and crispy exterior in their caramelized terong goreng.

6. Tahu Gejrot

For a light snack, indulge in the refreshing flavors of tahu gejrot.

Pamor Bandung

Outdoor Seating (Backyard)

Quench your thirst with their unique beverages, including Nanas Madu Ronggeng—a bowl of pineapple honey served with dragon fruit juice and Jus Mangga Kiamboy.

And don't forget to save room for dessert! Pamor delights with their stunning Peuyeum Cheesecake and Klepon Mousse Cake.

Pamor Bandung

Indoor Seating

Beyond the delectable dishes, Pamor offers an ambiance reminiscent of a cozy Indonesian home, adorned with beauty and elegance. With both indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as VIP sections, you can choose the perfect setting for your dining experience. Plus, Pamor provides buffet packages for engagements, weddings, birthdays, and other events.

And let's not forget about the exceptional service! Pamor goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience for every guest.

Don't leave without picking up some authentic Indonesian souvenirs to take home with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Pamor and embark on a culinary adventure through the flavors of Indonesia!

Jl. LLRE Martadinata No.125, Bandung
P: 0856-7366-608