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Global Prestasi School Bandung Officially Opens in The School Year 2023-2024

Global Prestasi School (GPS) Bandung officially began its operations in the school year 2023-2024. Located on Jl. Citra Green, Dago, Bandung, the inauguration event for the use of the building for Teaching and Learning Activities was held on July 6, 2023.

Global Prestasi School Bandung

The admission of new students (PPDB) has been open since 2022, starting from early childhood education (Early Years) to Primary School, Junior High school, and Senior High School. As a branch of GPS Bekasi, which has more than seventeen years of experience in introducing global education, GPS Bandung is also committed to preparing students to excel in the global competition. GPS offers an internationally standardized curriculum, as stated by Willy Virga Hidayat, the Operation Director of Global Prestasi School Bandung.

Global Prestasi School Bandung

"Our hope is that GPS graduates can excel not only academically but also in non-academic aspects, a global minded person, and possessing character in line with our tagline, Empowering Global Education," he said.

The inauguration event commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mr Andreas Indarto, the Chairman of the Foundation, followed by the signing of the inauguration plaque by Mr Harijanto, the Chairman of the Foundation's Board, witnessed by Mr Widodo Soetjipto, a representative of the Foundation. The invited guests had the opportunity to take a school tour and see the facilities that would be used in the teaching and learning process.

Global Prestasi School Bandung

The event concluded with a press conference featuring Willy Virga Hidayat as the Operations Director of GPS Bandung, Fransiskus David as the Principal of the Secondary School, Andreas Eko as the Operations Head of the Secondary School, and Meindy Kusbianto as the Principal of the Early Childhood and Primary School. During the press conference, Willy Hidayat stated that GPS Bandung was ready to welcome students in mid-July 2023.

Global Prestasi School Bandung

"We believe that each student has a unique perspective, talent, or potential. With the spirit of Harmony in Diversity, we hope that each student can be proud, respect each other, and even collaborate to develop their existing potentials. With an innovative and creative environment, the students can become successful individuals," he added.

Currently, Global Prestasi School Bandung is still accepting student registrations for the 2023-2024 academic year and also for future academic years. "For parents who may still need registration information, they can access our website at or contact our admissions team," expressed Andreas Eko.

Global Prestasi School Bandung
Allegro Altura Complex, Jl. Citra Green, Dago, Bandung
P: 0811-8683-385