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Aryaduta Bandung Launches "Asta Karya" Campaign

Aryaduta Bandung Launches "Asta Karya" Campaign

Renowned for providing an "Iconically Indonesian, Globally Inspired" experience to its guests, Aryaduta Hotels continues to demonstrate its commitment to preserving Indonesia's cultural heritage by launching its latest campaign, "Asta Karya." Inspired by the diversity and richness of Indonesian art and culture, this initiative covers all 10 Aryaduta hotel properties, including their recreational centers—Imperial Klub Golf, Lippo Cikarang Recreation Park, and Puncak Resort International.

From September to November, guests staying at or visiting Aryaduta properties can enjoy various unique art and culture-themed experiences, including dining experiences, interactive children's activities, cultural performances, and intriguing art exhibitions.

The highlight of the Asta Karya event series is two events held at Aryaduta Bandung from October 21 to 28. The first is a joint exhibition by artists from the Santri Art Community (KSS) & Friends titled "HARMONIOUS ASSIMILATION" or "GARIS ASIMILASI." Curated by Wildan F. Akbar, the exhibition will showcase the artistic wealth of local Bandung artists. Additionally, guests will be treated to captivating art, cultural performances, and music.

During the same period, Aryaduta Hotels is also organizing an outdoor film screening in collaboration with Sekewood Sarang Film. The screening of dozens of independent films by Sekewood Sarang Film will be a special treat for independent film enthusiasts. Furthermore, the premiere of Aryaduta's short film titled "Diary Tanpa Kata" will be a highlight of the event.

"Through this event, we aim to inspire our guests to love and appreciate the uniqueness of art and culture in every region of Indonesia, enriching their experience while staying at Aryaduta," said Arthur Situmeang, Group Director of Marketing and Communications at Aryaduta Hotels. "We also invite the local community, art enthusiasts, and artistic communities to join us in celebrating Indonesia's extraordinary artistic and cultural richness," he added.

For more information about Asta Karya and the events held, please visit the website or contact us at

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